Is Live in Relationship a Boon or Bane on Indian culture?

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Live-in relationship or in other words Cohabitation is a concept where two people( obviously of opposite sex) live together who are not bonded by any legal agreements or laws and wants to live together to satisfy their needs. The idea of Live-in relationship came from western countries. The purpose of two opposite genders going for a live-in relationship is to have a better understanding about each other before tying a knot, or travel for some distance as they have identical line of thinking, or they might want to reduce their financial expenses fulfilling their mutual desires etc. The practice of live-in relationship is not an uncommon act in western or the so called developed countries.

Live-in Relationship And Indian Culture

live in relationship

As per the Indian culture, two people, a male and a female are bonded together physically, mentally, emotionally and legally to travel in their lives till they are alive sharing love, affection, emotions, sorrows, happiness, and so forth. All these bindings between this couple are phenomenally known as marriage. Marriage is one of the oldest institutions in the society but yet modern. Marriage concerns human relationships at every stages and has survived all odds since time immemorial.

Impact of Live-in Relationship on Today’s Indian youth:

Today’s young (in this context- who have to get married) generation of India wish to experiment by living in relationship rather than getting married. Though, Live-in relationships in India are not legal but are considered as improper or moral sometimes. Anyways, there are couples performing this act in metro cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and in some parts of India.  The number of live-in relationships are growing day by day in India as it has become a fascinating culture. The actual purpose of doing this practice is sometimes forgotten or ignored and leading to many uncertain things.

Live-in Relationsip Survey Details

Now, Live-in relationship is a debatable topic as it connected with different kind of issues that has impact on the society to a greater extent. Many religions in India like Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam etc don’t agree with this phenomena as it is not preached by religious masters/gurus or not mentioned as followable act in Indian cultural records. According to these religions, a man and a woman living together before marriage is a violation of tradition and culture. Despite, Live-in relationships are still chosen by modern youth and of course even by some middle-aged people as well.

So, let us see what makes them prefer Live-in relationships so attractive.

Free from Social bonds:

Unlike marriage, live-in relationship is not binded with any legal agreements or any social bonds. There will not be any barricades to attend invitations coming from either of the couple, means to say, if a woman gets any invitations from her relatives like birthday parties, get-together occasions, wedding invitations etc man doesn’t have any compulsions that he must attend them if feels not respected or not interested and vice versa for woman. The problems of social bonds are less in Live-in relationship when compared to marriage, as the duo won’t care about the society and  society doesn’t care about them. Today, youth prefers to be like this, not attending relative gatherings and be more participative in other activities.


The most likely point for any individual is freedom. This can be enjoyed by the couple without any restrictions. The couple can live as per their will and wish, and accept duties and responsibilities as per their convenience. If they feel that they can make a better coffee together then they can otherwise go to coffee shop and

living Relationship

have a coffee with their own expenses. Whereas in marriage, this much freedom won’t be there as the couple have certain commitments to save money or lessen their expenses to meet their future needs.

Financial Relaxation:

This is a most crucial things that makes big difference in marriage and live-in relationship. Generally, married couples show more attention to their earnings and expenses and try to balance their family needs and act accordingly as per the earning potential of the couple. But in live-in relationship, both the parties earn and spend as per their needs and wants, it is upto them whether to share their earnings or not. There won’t rise any financial conflicts between the live-in couple as they are aware of their earnings and spendings, but is not the case with married couples(not in all cases).

Financial Relaxation

Less Responsible:

Responsibility is a primary essential thing for a married couple that makes their family living standards. Married couple has to be more responsible about their family happenings such as taking care of the health of their family members such as children, parents and relatives, kith and kin etc whereas the couple in live-in relationship have no such limitations on being so responsible as the duo have equal space in the room. They can take it as they feel if responsible otherwise just leave it.

less responsibility

No Divorce, Just change of Partner:

If a partner is not happy or bored of living with him/her then he/she can quit from live-in relationship and choose another partner  without any feelings and legal procedures as they define themselves before entering into the landscape that their journey would be a temporary drive. Whilst in a marriage, you cannot quit from the knotted relation if not interested to stay anymore. You need to go for legal proceedings to get divorced with the acceptance of both the parties in the presence of the court.

no divorce problems

Can enjoy married couple’s bliss:

Live-in couple can get a sneak peek into what your married life look like. Couple can know about each other’s opinions and views on religion, sex, philosophies, politics, financials etc. It sometimes happen in married couples life that one feels  how didn’t I noticed this strange behaviour of my life partner before marriage? Though noticed nothing can be altered as compromises and adjustments are a part of married life unlike live-in relationship.

Enjoy Like Married couple Bliss

Ultimately, what matters is how the both parties are looking at live-in relationship, whether to understand each other before getting wedded or just to taste the married couples euphoria. The impact of live-in relationship on Indian culture is wide and unmeasurable as the youth is getting fascinated to this culture ignoring the Indian traditions and customs. And at the same time when compared to the increased divorced married couples number in India, which happened just because they didn’t understand each other  or some other reasons which can be understood if lived together is an accountable point for live-in relationship. In my opinion, Live-in relationship is good or bad, it is still a question mark.

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