Lepakshi Temple History And Hanging Pillar Story

nagalinga temple in lepakshi

Lepakshi temple is located in Lepakshi a small village in  Ananthapur District of Andhra Pradesh, it is near to the city of Hindupur and also near to the Bangalore city with the distance of 120kms. Lepakshi temple was constructed in the 16th century.

Lepakshi Temple

The temple was constructed on the south side of town,the temple architectural style is “Dravidian” style. The temple was devoted to Lord Shiva, Mahavishnu and Veerabhadra Swamy. Constructed in the period of Vijayanagara Kings time close to the temple surroundings we have a view of Nandi carved with single huge granite stone, a small hill is there and it is in the form of tortoise structure.

Story of Lepakshi Temple

Lepakshi Temple - Nandi                                               Lepakshi Nandi (carved with single granite stone)

Nandi is belong to Lord Shiva it is a huge carving present in the main road to village very near the temple with the distance of 200 meters. In India it is the largest Nandi having length of 8.23 meters and heigth with 4.5 meters. In the sculpture we can see that Nandi is wearing a chain with bells and kaasu malla and some accessories.

Lepakshi Temple History

lepakshi temple entrance                                                             Lepakshi temple entrance

In Lepakshi temple devoted to Lord Shiva, Mahavishnu and Veerabhadra Swamy is there,Veerabhadra temple was constructed by the siblings Viranna and Virupanna constructed in 1540.They were administrators beneath of Vijayanagara kingdom.

Some Attractive Points In The Lepakshi Temple

  • Rock chain
  • Hanging pillar
  • Eyes of Virupanna
  • Lepakshi designs for sarees
  • Vastu purusha
  • Padmini race lady

Lepakshi Temple - rock chain in lepakshi

Natya mantapa at Lepakshi Temple

The gathering hall can be called as Natya mantapa that which was constructed very spacious at the roofs of the mantapa we can see very beautiful paintings still without faded they are natural colourants.

Lepakshi Temple - paintings at roof in lepakshi                                                                                       Roof Paintings

Kalyana Mantapa at Lepakshi Temple

In temple Kalyana mantapa rest half complete as per the orders of king Aliya Rama Raya to blind Virupanna who is the main cashier of the kingdom and temple,the action that takes against the virupanna is held strictly for the reason that he mistreat the temple treasure.

Lepakshi Temple - kalyana mantapa

So that by him self virupanna has removed his eyes and thrown them to the wall,still at present also we can see the blood marks of the eyes

Lepakshi Temple - virupanna eyes threw to the wall at lepakshi                                                                           Virupanna eyes threw to the wall

Lepakshi Temple Hanging Pillar

Number of pillars are there in the temple all above 70 pillars is there, but coming to the hanging pillar present it was displaced now from its actual position, during the British period one of the British architect attempt to shift its actual position but he failed to move the pillar to reveal the pillar secret.

Lepakshi Temple - Hanging pillar

The Mystery Behind The Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi Temple

In temple we can have very interesting view  is “Hanging pillar”, the pillar does not laid down completely the architecture is really wonderful.

Lepakshi Temple - Hanging Pillar                                                                        People checking the Hanging pillar

 Veerabhadra Swamy  at Lepakshi Temple

In the middle of the assembly hall we have Veerabhadra Swamy temple is located. Veerabhadra temple was constructed by the scholar Agastya. The structure of the temple is one example for Vijayanagara empire.the sculptures on the pillars are very beautiful. On  temple roofs we can have fantastic paintings explains the history and the culture.

Front view of veerabhadra temple at lepakshi                                                                           Front view of Veerabhadra temple

Lepakshi Temple - veerabhadra swamy temple                                                                               Veerabhadra Swamy temple

 Annapurna devi sculpture at Lepakshi Temple

Another sculpture is attracted in the hall was Annapurna devi sculpture and along with these sculpture few more are there pictures of Natesha bordered  by Brahma and Lord shiva and Parvathi

aLepakshi Temple - nna purna devi                                                                                    Annapurna devi sculpture

There are also sculptures of goddess  called  as Bhringi having 3 legs sculptured in  position of dancing.

Vinayaka statue at Lepakshi Temple

Outside of the temple there are few huge statues are present with providing information about the divinity  like Vinayaka statue.

Lepakshi Temple - Vinayaka statue at lepakshi                                                                                           Vinayaka statue

Another idol is catches our eye sight is Nagalinga, having three warps and seven hoods of naga by protecting the Shivalinga made up of granite,it is one of the biggest Lingas in India.

It was sculptured by the children who used to worked in the construction of temple,at the lunch time their mother went to take a bath,so in the mean while they started to sculpt the seven hooded snake and formed Linga.

By seeing this huge sculpture their mother was surprised done by their children.

Lepakshi Temple - platesThese are the plates used to eat their food,and also some other people assumes that it is a palate used to mix the colours.

Hanuman Mantapa Located at Lepakshi Temple

At surroundings of temple there we have small hanuman mantapa is located.Lepakshi Temple - hanuman mantapa

Hanuman Mantapa

Sita Devi original foot impression at Lepakshi Temple

A few steps distance we can the footprint of sita devi, with her original appearance reason for that we hate to know about  another interesting fact about the temple and why the temple name got as “Lepakshi”.

Lepakshi Temple - Sita devi foot marks                                                                            Sita Devi original foot impression

This gives important role in Ramayana this the place where Jatayu fell down and injured badly after the war done against Ravana and Jatayu.

Lepakshi Temple - war                                                                            War between Ravana and Jatayu

Jatayu fought against Ravana, he is taking away Sita devi in the war between Ravana and Jatayu, Ravana has cut off one of Jatayu’s wing. Then Rama attend to that place and he saw the Jatayu and called as “Le-Pakshi” means to waking up the bird Jatayu, so that the temple is called as”Lepakshi”.

Lepakshi Temple - The name lepakshi Originated                                                                         Sri Rama calling Jatayu as “Le-Pakshi”

Lepakshi temple is near to Puttaparthi town which is very famous,so that we can have a site of it which posses number of accommodations and the beautiful city Bangalore is about 130 kilometers. Nearby there are few more places to visit places like Dharmavaram, Hindupur.

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