Legally we can have Karnataka flag, says law minister

Flag of karnataka


  • There is no Act on state flags, the law minister said
  • Even, the Acts are silent on state anthem too, he added
  • The minister said decision of a state flag will be taken after deliberations as it has already faced outrage

BENGALURU: There is legally nothing that can hinder the state to have its own state flag, Karnataka law minister T B Jayachandra said on Wednesday.

Speaking to the media after the cabinet meeting, Jayachandra said there is no Act that prohibits a state’s individual flag.

“There are three main Acts which govern the issues of flags and flag hoisting. While it speaks of the National Flag and its protocol, the Acts remain silent on the issue of states having its own flag. It is a grey area,” said Jayachandra.

“Since this is the case, I think there is no problem in Karnataka having its own flag,” he said.

He, however, said his department will deliberate into the legal precedences and other judicial directives before taking any decision.

The seasoned politician also commented that the state anthem also was under the same predicament without any official status.

“But we do sing it at public events. It is for Karnataka’s consumption that there is a state anthem. But this anthem is not given any official recognition by the Constitution or the judicial process,” he said.

Jayachandra said he will now call for the first meeting of the committee formed by the Kannada and Culture department to discuss the legalities and constitutional concerns raised in the public and by opposition, before asking the committee to take it forward.

 He admitted that the committee has met yet, despite being sanctioned in early June.

Asked whether the law department was never consulted in this issue, Jayachandra said: “The setting up of the committee was an administrative decision and that has been taken by the department concerned. We will now look into the legalities with extra caution considering it has become a public debate.”
The senior Congress leader said he was unaware of any apprehensions shown by the party high command in this regard.
‘We have constituted it now. We will see what further can be done,” he said.


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