Korlai Fort

Korlai Fort

In the village of Korlai, Maharashtra there is a supreme attraction for the tourists, called Korlai Fort, which is a Portuguese fortification. The fort was built on an island which blocks the Revdanda creek’s way.The strategy behind building the fort was to defend their province which was elongated from Korlai to Bassein. Korlai fort is also called Castle Curlew or El Moro.

Korlai Fort

In 1521 the fort was built by the Portuguese, and the permission was given by Ahmednagar Sultanate. After that Portuguese tried to occupy the supremacy of this fort several times, but mighty troops of Sultanate withstand them.

Finally after few years, in 1594, Portuguese troops under the captaincy of leader Abranches attacked the fort with a strength of one thousand five hundred shoulders and about thousand natives. Sultanate tried his best his gimmick of putting dead elephant at the entrance gate and dead horse at the inner gate went futile.

This fort often described as “magnificent fortress as strong as any other in the world”. A bronze statue of lion attracted many visitors attention and the bronze eagle statue at the top of the tower kept the fort on another height. There was a church in the middle of the fort, in Sundays holidays it was used to worship.

Korlai Fort blocks the mouth of the bay, that’s why it was strategically very important. The son of Shivaji, Shambhaji tried to conquer the fort, but failed.

Construction Of The Korlai Fort

The height of the fort is 2828 feet, and the breadth is almost eighty-nine feet. It has thick walls of 5’3” height and around three hundred five battlements which were used for guns. The fort has eleven gates as an entrance, four of them are used as outer and the rest of the gates were used for inner. Santa Cruz which was a water system is situated just next to the fort. The area on which the walls lie has three enclosures, and the seven fortifications of bastion named after saints. Those are San Diego, San Fransisco, San Pedro, San Inacio, San Felipe. One of the three Portuguese inscriptions is still visible on the top the doorway, which is situated in the middle of the highest part of the fort.

How To Reach Korlai Fort

Alibag is 25 kilometers from Korlai Fort via state Highway 91, state-run bus is available all the time. Private six seater rickshaws are also another option one can avail. On the other hand, Mumbai is 112 kilometers from Korlai. The nearest Airport is Mumbai. Many private cabs also available from Mumbai too. The railway option is widely open. The nearest rail station is Roha, which is 42 kilometers from Korlai. Via state highway 104 Revdanda and Korlai is 117 km south of Mumbai.

Korlai Fort Timings, Hotels & Accommodation

The good thing about this fort for the visitors is, its remains open for 24 hours. Numbers of hotel available around the fort and the city. If anyone want, can stay at Alibug too. The accommodation is good, different kind of rooms and amenities available all the time.

Korlai Fort Lighthouse

The fully automated lighthouse was built in 1995.The majestic lighthouse helps to navigate the ships, and keep them in the channel. There were four backups for the lighthouse. like any other lighthouse, its striped color helps the captain to locate from far. From here one can reach the fort by trekking some steep craves. The lighthouse is still in function.

Korlai Fort Trek

As the sport really heaven in the monsoon many of adventure lovers head towards Korlai fort. The road is quite enjoyable as the sea always there to guide. After that, some unusual path starts. Tough its not among the toughest one, still the novice might found it the little bit troublesome. The steep craves are about to cross to reach the lighthouse.


Once we get into nature we found ourselves very closer. No doubt Korlai Fort trip will take one’s mind into a serene journey. The small tiny village maximum has five thousand villagers, the clean beach and the panoramic view from the lighthouse will give a proper vibe for sure.

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