Kapaleeswarar Temple Timings

Kapaleeswarar Temple Timings – Temples at South India is truly beautiful to look at.  The architecture is simply mesmerizing.  People from different parts of the country mainly visit south to get a glimpse of those temples and pray for a good life.  

Kapaleeswarar Temple Timings

Though the place has other scenic beauties for attraction but temples cannot be replaced with anything. The land is considered to be the most divine place as it is believed that in every temple at South God exist.

Kapaleeswarar Temple

Kapaleeswarar Temple timings

The temple kapaleeshwarar is the holiest shrine in the state of Tamil Nadu. The temple is visited by thousand of devotees everyday to pray for a good life.  The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and throughout the day prayers are offered. During the puja time it seems like a huge extravaganza that has been prepared.

Well the temple has a beautiful background story which many people know. It has a good blend of mythology and people gets engrossed while listening to it.

Once lord Shiva was explaining the letters of the word ‘kailash’ to her beloved wife parvati. At that point of time there came a beautiful peacock which started dancing by showing its colored wings.  It immediately caught parvati’s attention.  

Due to this she unfortunately missed a little part of the kailash story from lord Shiva.  This made Shiva angry and he immediately cursed parvati to become a peacock.  The curse was something which parvati couldn’t really afford to take and she begged to Shiva for her life.

During this time goddess parvati as a peacock offered puja to Siva Lingam. This had a magical effect. Shiva was highly impressed and soon turned parvati in her original form.  At the end Parvati requested Shiva to name the place Mayilayi where she stayed as a peacock.  Like these there are several other stories that one might get to hear about the temples at South India.

Not just during the vacations but throughout the year people visit the temple to offer their puja.  Over here one thing needs to be mentioned properly and that is the timings of the temple.  It is important for every tourist to know the temple timings.

The Kapaleeswarar Temple timings are- In the morning it opens at 5 o’clock till 12 pm in the afternoon. Again in the evening the gates of the temple open at 4pm and shuts down at 9.  People can offer their puja at anytime during these mentioned hours.

Another important aspect of this particular temple is the different kinds of festivals that are performed over here.  During the time of panguni which takes place in the month of April and continues for nine days. The beginning of the festival is something to look upon.  It is inaugurated by hosting a big flag which involves the festival of chariot known as utsavam.

During these festivals there comes more than thousand people and it becomes a gala event.  Utsavam is the most well known festival that gets organized at Kapaleeswarar during spring.  

As said earlier that devotes are mostly tourists and therefore there is always an enquiry about the exact location of this temple.  People often are misguided by others and therefore they land up in different places.

The temple can be reached more or less through every means of transport.

Air- When travelling by flight one can reach Chennai airport and from there one has to travel to the temple which is around 16 km away.

Train- local trains are available from Mysore at every 15 minutes and the temple is just around 6 km from the Chennai railways station.

Bus- There is also a provision for bus service to reach the temple.  Direct bus is available from Chennai to Mylapore.

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