Kanger Ghati National Park

Kanger Ghati National Park

National park is the area or a public space which is maintained by the national government that preserves Nature, History and Wildlife. In includes animals, birds and gardens. It provides the animals land, food and water and does other things for preservation of wildlife, there are many national parks in the world Kanger Ghati National Park is one of them. The beautiful Tirathgarh Waterfalls, the rare species of animals and birds and old trees attracts everyone towards it.

Kanger Ghati National park

Kanger National park or Kanger Valley National Park is located in Jagdalpur, Bastar district Chhattisgarh.  The area of national park is spread over 200sq. km. it is the beautiful place of Chhattisgarh. The awesome waterfall, the glimpse of nature and wildlife attracts many tourists towards it. The park is stated on the bank of the River called Kholaba, which is 27km away from Jagdalpur. Basically Kanger is the River, and the park stated in this river’s valley, that’s why it name called Kanger Valley National park. The biodiversity reserve at valley stretches 34km. In 1982 the park has become the National Park, and the tourist place for common people.

Kanger Ghati National park Waterfalls

Significance of Kanger Ghati National Park

The center attraction of the park is the wild animals, flora and fauna, park’s location and the beautiful valley with beautiful Kanger River; it’s like whole package of nature as a gift to mankind.

Kanger valley

Kanger valley is not just a River, but it is the essential nourishment for the national park like a life line. There is the huge limestone stored in the valley, causes millions of years the limestone has formed into caves in the field. There are only two caves open for tourists that are Kotamsar and Kailash. The both side of River has beautiful hills. The Kanger River flows from North West to south east.

Fauna and Flora of National Park

Kanger national park has most green and deep forests with prominent trees and grass. The proud of the park are those virgin trees which never get touched. And over 553 species has been found in the park, 42 species are very rare between them, which you only found in Kanger National Park.


  • Trees like Mahua, Haldu, Sal, Saja, Kushum, Harra, Suria, Kasai etc. these are prominent and dominant trees of forests.
  • Grasses like; Kans, Kusal, Phulbahari, Cher, Khus etc.
  • Parasites include Amarbel and Bandha.
  • Climbers which has Mahulbel, Ramdaton, Satawar and Malar. These are climbers of forest where many tourists come here and climb over the hills.


  • Mammals- kanger valley is the place over 50 species of mammals which includes Tiger, brown Deer, jungle cat, Lions, Jackals, sloth bear, hyena, wild Rabbits, flying Squirrel, Sambar etc.
  • Reptiles – over 37 Species found in the forest of reptiles: Pythons, Cobra, Lizards and many species of snakes.
  • Birds-  the valley’s environment has fully cheerful with chirping of birds near about 144 species staying in the forest, which include Hill Myna, dotted Owlet, Red wild Fowls, Steppe Eagles, Racket Tailed Dragons, Peacocks, sparrow, Brown Teeter, and different kind of Parrots.
  • A new species Frog named Rana Charles Darwini has introduced to the national park.
  • Except that 16 species of Amphibians, 56 species of Pisces, 91 species of Butterflies, 26 species of Moth, 113 species of spiders has been estimated in the National park.

Kanger Ghati National Park Climate

The climate of the National park changes always. The maximum temperature noted during summer is 38 degree Celsius. In summer the climate become very hot and dry. And July-September the heavy rainfall received by Valley. So the best time to visit the park is November-June. Most of the tourists visit here in these months.

Kanger Ghati National Park Nearby Places

The national park is the center of attraction but except that there are many other tourists places where you can enjoy the nature and visit.

  • Tirathgarh Waterfalls
  • Kanger Dhara
  • Bhainsa Darha
  • Kutumsar and Kailash caves
  • Sri Venketshwra Swami Temple
  • Chitrakoot Falls

These all are also includes in tourists spots, many people come here on holidays, it also consider as picnic spots.

How to Reach to Kanger Ghati National Park

By Air-The nearest Airport is Raipur Airport; the distance from Raipur to kanger Park in 330km. the airport is well connected with road.

By Rail-Jadgalpur railway station is the nearest railway station, just on distance of 27km from kanger valley.

By Road- the national park is well connected with main roads and cities. There are many private and government vehicles available for the national park, you can select from them according to your comfort level.

Kanger Ghati National Park Entry Fees

The park has been open whole year, there is no closing day. If we talk about entry fees the 25rs.for Indians and 200rs. For Foreigner, it is very cheap price you can enjoy the nature’s beauty.

Kanger Ghati National Park Accommodation

The nearest hotel from the park is Park Forest Rest House. Otherwise there are many hotels and lodges available for tourists; the accommodation is not the problem over there. You can book or reserve online or by phone number, there are many useful sites available and contact numbers of Chhattisgarh tourism, you can contact them and know about further details. The park rangers tells you about the park, or you can also hire a local guide for knowledge.

The wildlife and the nature are the prominent parts of our life. Their safety and preservation is everybody’s duty. Kanger Ghati National Park is the major attraction of Chhattisgarh. The Kanger valley surrounded with hills, the Kanger River, with beautiful banks, and the waterfalls, the splendid limestone caves and superb biodiversity no wonder that it has become a full package of nature and heaven for tourists and nature’s lovers. The hundreds species of trees and mammals, you won’t found anywhere else. The climate is suitable and no trouble of accommodation. Once in life you should visit the Kanger Ghati National Park, it would be the life time experience for visitors. National park is the pride of Chhattisgarh and India.

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