Kama Sutra
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Kama Sutra
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What does the Defines?

  • The kama Sutra has been defined as a scientific treatise about the true love experience, aimed to harmonize and settle the relationship a man and a woman may have at various levels, starting from their daily life to intimate and inwardness of their match, giving the reaching of Kama – the sensual satisfaction.
  • It was an ancient text on the sexual behaviour of humans, widely regarded as the most significant work on love in the Sanskrit literature.
  • The author of this book was Vatsyayana and Vatsyayana Kama Sutra (Aphorisms on love, by Vatsyayana) is his full title.
  • He lived in the period between first and sixth century, during the Gupta period probably.
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What does the “Kamasutra” imply?

  • Kama Sutra means “Theory of Kama” or “The Rule Book of Kama” according to literal translation from Sanskrit. So, the question comes to your mind instantly, what does kama mean to us and what is its purpose? Kama is actually a sensual part of your life that consists of emotional and physical pleasure.
  • Kama is one of the four main virtues (kama, Artha, Dharma and Moksha) that Indian culture emphasizes e.g. 4 major goals which an average Indian must achieve.
Theory Of Kama
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  • Thus, the virtue “Kama” that is required for sensual pleasure, is the initial step in one’s way to perception of their divine origins.
  • Kama Sutra contains the best prior philosophical and religious texts dedicated to the attainment of Kama – one of the four highly significant life objectives a human can reach, precisely the way of interpretation of the sensual enjoyment e.g. passion, desire, love and sexual satisfaction.
  • Being surprised, the majority of people admit their initial incomprehension of the motive of Kama Sutra considering it as a group of items which guide you in acquiring physical closeness between a male and a female in a more diverse way.
  • The Kama Sutra entirely debars and doesn’t welcome such type of activity without any emotional consonance, the “tiny thread” – love, sensuality and passion.

The main idea behind Kama Sutra

  • If there is no love discovered, you will never attain any satisfaction that the sexual relationship may bring out, neither will you make the chakras to be full of languor full and warmness, nor will you ever alleviate your body of desire of love.
  • The only thing you acquire – is a waste of your time. The process mentioned before will be similar that animals have while their serving if there is no love.
  • You will fail to succeed in the art of love in this case even if you are aware of the most complicated sexual positions that are mentioned in Kama Sutra.

How the Relationship must be between Men and Women according to Kama Sutra ?

  • It is made clear by Kama Sutra that without enamourment, tenderness, respect and love, all the sex positions will eventually turn out to be an easy repletion of the wants of somebody, like easing oneself, having a breakfast or drinking water.
  • As a flower being planted into the land that is fertile and warmed by sunshine can cause delight to your eyes, so the sexual relationship, being saturated and warmed with emotional closeness and appeal, will leave you on cloud nine.
  • By learning and trying all the positions of Kama Sutra, you can bring freshness to your sexual life, bearing prominent fruits, your mutual love’s major fruit – children.

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