Jr NTR’s Sama Samaj Party Is Here

sama samaj party

Going by what we have seen in Jai Lava Kusa trailer, the villainy character of Tarak as Jai is going to headline the film and he could deliver a remarkable performance that audience will have a chance of seeing him in a potentially negative role for the first time.

The star actor will not just be as scary as possible, but also he will be setting a trend as a leader of political party called ‘Sama Samaj Party’. A few working images from the shooting spot of Jai Lava Kusa shows NTR and his followers campaigning for the party. The leaked images will leave you wanting for more.

Director Bobby is holding a lot in store to shell out the best of Tarak for audiences. It was already known about NTR doing three roles, including Jai as Ravana, but the political appeal may now make him more powerful antagonist.

Besides Jai, the two other roles Tarak is donning: Lava & Kusa could also possibly give us best of Tarak. This transformation of Tarak may sit will with all his fans and also enthuse him upcoming projects.

Source: Gulte


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