Jogulamba Temple of Alampur

Jogulamba Temple

Jogulamba temple is one of the Shakti Peeta, out of 18 Shakti peethas in the entire country. This temple is located in the sanctuary town- Alampur, in the district of Mahbubnagar, Telangana.  Alampur is located on the banks of sacred river Tungabhadra. It is also the meeting point of two holy rivers, namely Tungabhadra and Krishna, and this point is often alluded to “Dakshina Kasi”.  A number of people visit this temple, from all parts of the country every day, to experience true spiritual power.

Jogulamba Temple greatness and holiness was referred in Skanda Purana. This temple truly resembles the craftsmanship of Badami Chalukyas, who ruled this place for a brief period of time. Jogulamba and Balabrahmeshwara were considered to be the main deities in Jogulamba temple.

Jogulamba Temple

Nomenclature and Posture of Mother Jogulamba

The word “Jogulamba” has its roots in the Telugu word “Yogula Amma”, it denotes that she is the mother of Yogis. Here the idol will be in fierce form, in naked avtar with tongue stretching from her mouth. She is visualized seated on the corpse with Frog, Lizard and Scorpion on her head. She is so called, because people believe that she grants Siddhi in Yoga.

Creatures that were present on her head signify the evil and some bad is going to dawn on household. Initially the number of Lizards will increase in the house signifying bad state of the house. This is followed by increase in Scorpions and Bats, directed to take away the lives of people in that particular house. Jogulamba is considered as ‘Gruha Chandi’ i.e. protector of homes, relieve their houses from Vastu doshas.  

Legend of Jogulamba Temple

According to one legend it states that. In ancient days Lord Brahma practiced severe austerity, in today’s Alampur, for Lord Shiva’s presence. At last Shiva appeared and endowed Brahma with the power of creating people and things. Therefore here the deity is also called as Brahmeswara and the goddess as Yogini, a synonym for Lord Parvathi.

Another legend states that there existed a great saint in the 6th century named Rasa Siddha. He got the power of converting any metal into precious Gold, which was used by Chanakya later, during Mauryan period. Rasa Siddha assisted Chalukyan king in the construction of glorious and powerful “Nava Brahma “ temples or nine temples of Shiva  in Alampur. The names of these nine temples were actually named after nine medicinal herbs, which are used in the converting of any metal into gold. The names of these nine temples were

  1. Swarga Brahma Temple
  2. Bala Brahma Temple
  3. Padma Brahma Temple
  4. Arka Brahma Temple
  5. Vishva Brahma Temple
  6. Vira Brahma Temple
  7. Garuda Brahma Temple
  8. Taraka Brahma Temple
  9. Kumara Brahma Temple

The peculiar thing in the story is that, according to “Siddha Rasaranavam” a tantric work prescribed by Rasa Siddha. I one performs Upasana according to Siddha Rasaranavam, Mercury comes out of mouth of mother Jogulamba, Thighs of  Subramanya, Linga of Bala Brahma, Navel of Ganapathi. This mercury was then can be turned to Gold with the help of Medicinal herbs.

History of Jogulamba Temple

The original temple of Jogulamba was said to be demolished by Bahmani Sultan in 14th century.

However the local people of that time managed to protect the idols of Jogulamba and her two shaktis – Chandi and Mundi. The temple was reconstructed in the original place, where it once stood. Much of the art and architecture of the temple built by Chalukyas was restored. Now this temple is under the supervision of Srisailam Devasthanam, facilitating uninterrupted poojas for the goddess.

Jogulamba Temple Architecture

Jogulamba Temple Alampur

Unlike other South Indian temples, this was a blend of North and western style of architecture. Badami Chalukyas were truly great patrons of art and architecture, this fact was testified by the Jogulamba temple. This temple was built with red stone, consisting of many mandapas and prakaras.

Jogulamba Temple Timings

Morning Hours : 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Evening Hours : 2:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Alampur Jogulamba Temple Darshan Timings

There are no special timings for different darshans at Jogulamba Temple. Above mentioned timings are for darshan and in order to get special pujas, there exists temple committee people who can guide you with all the procedures of performing rituals at Jogulamba. You can contact on 085022 41327 for any other darshan and special puja related issues.

Alampur Gogulamba Temple Distance From Hyderabad : 215 Kilometers Approximately

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