Lesser known Jaw Dropping Facts About Aghori Sadhus

Facts about Aghori Sadhus – The Sanskrit term Aghora (Aghori) is the combination of two words with various meanings: A is a negation; Ghora is the term representing the quality of the ignorance, which is fierce, extensive; Aghora hence means Light and awareness.

Lesser known Facts About Aghori Sadhus

Aghoris are a tradition who are straightforward and simple. They believe that the whole world is created, and hence, is a manifestation of the one absolute God and that they’re just followers and supporters of God in their way. This freedom is a realization of the self’s identity with the absolute.

Basis of the Aghori Sampradaya

The Maha Vaakya of Aghori sampradaya is “Simply do it”. You are an integrated individual. What you want, you achieve it, that’s all. This sampradaya flourishes only in a civilization where unconscious and subconscious are completely ignored.

Since centuries, Aghoris have captivated the attention of people throughout the globe for their unnatural and puzzling lifestyle. Today, let us spot at the most astonishing facts about the lives of these Aghori Sadhus which will leave everyone with facts more than bargained for.

Who Are Aghori Sadhus?

The Aghori Sadhus are the foremost Indian traditions and the most enchanting form of the Tantra. Dattatreya, a deity that includes the Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwara, are considered to be the creator of the species.

The Aghori ascetic worship Lord Shiva and consider themselves to be the symbol of Lord. They follow an extreme path in search of truth and obtain moksha from the cycle of samsara (reincarnation).

The Aghoras is said to have been over 1000 years old. While uncovering the history of Aghoris, it was found out that the first Aghori, was Kina Ram. He is predicted to have survived for 150 years and expired during the late 18th centuryAghori Sadhus

Where do Aghori Sadhus Live?

Aghoris inhibit the city of Varanasi, alongside the banks of the river Ganga. There they live in charnel grounds, the ritual burning areas. Besides these areas, they can also be spotted in places away from the people: in the Himalayan caves, in the jungles, or in the hot and humid deserts where no other creature dares to survive.

Aghori SadhusAghori sadhus are not just concentrated in the northern part of India but there are cults in MP, Maharashtra, Bengal, so basically they cover over north, south, east and west.

Belief of Aghori Sadhus

Aghoris consider Shiva as definite, supreme, universal and omniscience. They claim that every happening in the universe is guided by Shiva. Among the female goddesses, Kali is the sacred god to them.

Aghoris trust that soul of every person is Shiva, yet covered by aṣṭamahāpāśa “eight significant bonds” – anger, fear, greed, hatred, obsession, and sensual pleasure. The principles of the Aghoris are aimed to the remove these bonds by performing Sādhanā. On release from these bonds the soul procures sadāśiva and attains moksha.

Aghoris Worship Lord Shiva, chanting secret Mantra all the time except while speaking, to get more powerful sidhi, they even have the power to communicate with the spirit and with other dimensions things.

An Aghori Sadhus follows no hatred policy

Aghori Sadhus - Aghora blessings

Aghoris never interfere in others’ life, and never once develop hatred towards anybody. They are empathetic people who rigorously follow the policy of zero hatred towards any living creature or nature. They presume that one who holds hatred in heart, cannot meditate to attain ‘Moksha’. Well, that’s a lesson we can take from them. It is their thought process that if they start panicking about unimportant things, then they would be unable to concentrate on their higher aims of meditating and approaching the Lord.

The Aghori Sadhu has no fear of the dead

All over India, the Aghori Sadhus are popular for their extreme appetite. They follow a disturbing nature to eat anything.

It is found that the peculiar tribe members indulge and eat on human flesh. They also eat decayed food, garbage, and even human excreta and urine. Often these items will be consumed out of a human skull bowl or some other dish made from human bones. To an Aghori, eating garbage is all the same as eating anything else.

The policy behind following this nasty appetite is to diminish ego and eliminate the human concern of beauty. All these are the essential part of leading a life as an Aghora.


Ash is the cloth for Aghoris which protects them from germs and other illness. Nothing can give them more pleasure than to be in imitating the appearance of Lord.

Aghoris uses Corpses and Skull

Aghori is known to use corpses as a table to pray and meditate shava samskara. As per ritual they believe that the dead body is a symbol of their own body. For the rituals, the corpses are mostly gathered from the bodies of the dead floating down the sacred Ganges River. For the purpose, Aghori fish these corpses from the river, and offer a prayer for the dead before utilizing them as altars, fashioning items and consumption.

Aghora using skullAghoris – An awful sense of fashion

Aghoris are never concerned with being naked and often cover their body with minimum clothes. Sometimes, they go completely naked just covering the body with ashes and often time complete nude. According to them, being nude is complete renunciation from the entire world. Most often, they smear their bodies with dead body ash to cover the nakedness. Talking about accessories, Skulls of humans are ornamented as neck jewelry. Some Aghoras are also surveyed to wander around with the femur thigh bone of dead as an Aghoran symbol. They never bother to cut their hair, and let it fall to their knees, making them easily distinguishable amongst a hell of a crowd.

Life style of aghoraAghori Sadhus healing power

Aghora Sadhus obtain their healing powers due to their expertise in Black magic. Aghori implement healing through purification. They carry the ability to conduct health too, and rid away the sickness from patients as an act of “transformative healing”, only possible due to the superior state of mind of Aghoris.

Aghoris claim to possess medicine even for the deadliest of the diseases including AIDS and cancer. These medicines, referred as ‘Human oils’ are gathered from the burning pyre of a dead body. Even though these have not gone any scientific testing, they are believed to be highly effective.

However, they never employ their powers for harmful exploits as they love and respect Mother Nature.

Aghori Healing power

Aghoris – The ‘left way’ to reach god

The left way to reach god

While the entire world sincerely obeys the correct right way to attain moksha, Aghoris proudly approach ‘left way’ which is effective and faster than the former. But only very few possesses the guts to approach.

They believe that true spirituality lies in attaining the ‘purity in the filthiest”, means to concentrate on god even while performing the most perverted activities.

Mantras, Tantras, and Marijuana of Aghora Sadhus:

Aghoras smoke Marijuana as they believe that it aids them to focus on their routine mantras and yogic practices. Even being under the influence of marijuana all day, they appear sensible and calm. The delusion and hallucinations provided by weeds are taken as religious ecstasies and enlightened spiritual experiences.

Mantras, tantras, aghoras

Corpses are eaten raw and at times they are roasted over an open flame. After having a certain amount of flesh, they meditate sitting atop a corpse all night. They smoke weed but never force others into it, neither they influence people to join in their way.

An unimaginable union

As per the Aghoris, when the goddess urges satisfaction in sex, then they have to procure a suitable corpse and proceed with sexual intercourse. They consider performing sex in the midst of dead bodies ensures attainment of supernatural powers. The women in the course are smeared with ashes and the act takes place amidst the drums and mantras. They make sure no women is compelled to have sex and must be menstruating during the activity. If an Aghori manages to maintain the focus on God even during the activity, then he is said to be on the right path.

an unimaginable union

Gathering of Aghoris:

The actual number of Aghori Sadhu can be counted during the gatherings in the great Melas, that are held every year. Thousands of them gather together in Kumbha Mela, aghoris hailing from Assam, UP, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh etc. appear in this mela.

gathering of aghoris

The Revenge of Tailanga swami:

Here comes another baba who did the unimaginable again. One of the most well-known Aghoris to ever live, Tailanga swami was beaten and ejected from Kasi temple by a priest when he saw him worshiping Shiva with excreta.

the revenge of tailanga swamy

Legend reveals that Lord Shiva appeared in the dream of the Benaras king and complained about the offense meted to Tailanga, and revealed that baba was nothing but an incarnation of the Lord himself. Later, the priest was found dead mysteriously.  

Every Human Is A Born Aghori:

Aghoris believe that everyone in the world is a born Aghori. As we know a child doesn’t distinguish between dirt, faeces or toys and plays around with everything. He starts distinguishing things only after obtaining civilization from his parents and society. As the child rises and starts making choices, only then he/she loses the traits of Aghori.

aghoras belief is every human is a born aghori

Lastly Speaking…

Among the people, Aghori Sadhus arouses with a combination between respect and suspect; however, they possess many devotees among the various religions.

Because of their practices that are opposed by the orthodox Hinduism, are generally conflicting by certain Hindus. The Aghora trilogy, however, has been appreciated worldwide for their frankness in practicing subjects which are generally avoided. They are strictly bound by ‘The law of karma’.

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