Indravati National Park

Indravati National Park

Indravati National Park is the only national park and one of two tiger reserves of the state of Chhattisgarh. It is situated in the Bijapur district. It is also known as Kutru national park. It has taken its beautiful name from the neighborhood river Indrāvati, which flows from east to west and shares the boundaries of river with Maharashtra state. The park consumes a total area of about 2799 sq km. Indravati got the status of national park in the year 1981 and again became a leading tiger reserve of the state in 1983. Also it came under the famous “Project Tiger” of India same time.

Indravati National Park

The national park inhibits the possibly last population of wild Buffalos. This national park is quite famous for diversified wild life and homing unique bird species including some endangered wild species. Some species are native to this place and some are our seasonal guests. Indravati national park attracts tourists and wildlife lovers due to its rare collection and lush green sceneries.

Geographical Features of Indravati National Park

The park is situated at an altitude ranged from 177 to 600 meter above from the sea level. The minimum temperature recorded to be 11 degree and maximum 40 degree Celsius.  The average rainfall was noted to be 1395 mm. the park has densely forested land area and opened areas duly covered with scrub and creepers. You can also see tropical flowers with different vibrant colours. A range of lush green hills and unique wildlife structure make Indravati a must visit place for tourists.

Flora and Fauna at Indravati National Park

Due to its beautiful geographical construction, the national park managed to give home to a variety of endangered and unique wildlife species. It occupies one of last endangered species of Asian Wild Buffalos. Hill mynas are another unique species being found here, which any wildlife lover would die to watch.

The park is mostly comprises of tropical moist and dry deciduous type which gives place to grow up in abundance to Sal, teek and Bamboo. The presence of large grasslands provides shelter to many herbivores animals like Chital, Nilgai, Barking Deer, Four-horned Antelope and Gaurs. The commonly found trees of the park are Jamun, mahua, bel, bahera, palash, tendu, handu, semal, ber and Shisham.

Also, many other rare wild animals could be seen in this national park like Sambar, Indian spotted chevrotain. The dominant faunas of the park include variety of mammal and reptiles. For example, tiger, leopard, sloth bear, striped hyna, flying squirrel, porcupine, monkey and langurs as mammals and fresh-water crocodile, moniter lizard, Indian chameleon, Indian rock python, cobra, russel vipers as reptiles.

This park also gives shelter to a variety of birds like hill myna, peacock, parrots, owlet, etc.

Indravati National Park

How to reach Indravati National Park

The place is easy reachable by any means of transport. It is near to Jagdalpur railways station which is only 177 km from the park. Nearest airport is Raipur. But the most preferred way to reach the national park is through road. The park is well connected to all the nearest major cities. You are also available any government or private vehicle on regular intervals to go to the national park.

Indravati National Park Timings and Ticket Fare

You have to take due permission from the local heads of the place before visiting the national park. The best time to visit Indravati National Park is from 15th December to 15th June. This is due to the beautiful seasonal effect which will carry your trip awesomely.


Indravati national park being the only national park and famous tiger reserve of Chhattisgarh state finds the attraction of most of the wildlife lovers and tourists. The scenic natural beauty and the rarity of different species make it more alluring to the visitors. The staying facility provided by the local tourism is quite comfortable and the visitors will definitely enjoy the whole trip and make it memorable for their lifetime.

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