How to Remove Black Magic? Recommended Remedies

The main intention of this article is not to spread superstitions but to provide useful information on Black Magic and how to remove black magic. These are just my personal views and I would like to share them with you. Black Magic still exists today and it will continue to as the rules of nature will not get changed.

What is Black Magic?

Black Magic or Dark Magic is defined as a negative energy that enters the body of humans and disturbs the normal functioning of mind and soul. It is termed as black magic as this negative energy is transferred to other human being without any permission. Black Magic spoils the life of a person and also leaves a huge impact on his/her life. There are various practices that people follow on how to remove black magic.

How to remove Black Magic?

Black Magic is not a trick or magic but is an ancient science which includes power of thoughts and mantras which can have a huge impact on your lives. Till today, the modern science hasn’t been successful completely in unveiling the science behind these mantras. As we know, there are some good mantras that can have a huge positive effect on our body and there are some bad mantras as well which can affect us in a negative way.

Kaala jadu, Jaadu-tona, Karni, Chetuk, Witchcraft and Dark Magic are the other names of black magic. Vashikaran, Bhanamati and Voodoo are the various forms of black magic. There is no official record available regarding the origination of black magic but it is believed that it was there from the existence of mankind. Voodoo is the highly popular form of black magic. It had its origin in Africa. So, it is strongly believed that the black magic had its origin in Africa.

Black Magic performed on Doll - How to remove Black Magic?

Charcoal, nails, ash, needles, pins, black dolls, kumkum, turmeric, chillis, coconuts and lemons are things usually used for performing black magic. Black magic can have an effect on any type of person, be it adults or children, female or male. It will be his complete misunderstanding if he thinks that he cannot get affected.

The following type of people will be at high risk of becoming a victim of black magic.

  • Those who do not trust God.
  • Those who have faith in God but do not have faith in Black Magic.
  • Those who are addicted to very bad habits like not trusting in values, visiting prostitutes, drinking and smoking.       

The Black Magic is totally the Indian Mythology and it is not supported as it is unethical and inhuman. But, because of strong personal benefits and jealous feelings, people do this activity. It is performed by “Tantrik”, a specific person who does this activity. Tantrik is an expert in performing this activity and he forces the souls of evils to work for him and do what he says.

Black Magic is easily performed on people with negative energy

Tantrik gathers all the negative energy and uses it for these sadistic works. He is the only person who can actually see souls and ghosts. He is very restless and short aged. The tantriks perform these activities only for money.

On a specific duration, the tantrik invites the soul and offers flesh, alcohol and sweet to it. Later, he offers the soul, something that is related to the person on whom this activity of black magic has to be done. That can be anything which is in touch with the person’s body like his/her tooth, hair or even a piece of cloth he/she wears. The tantrik forcibly gets the evil spirit’s promise that it will do the assigned task no matter what happens and it will not share the tantrik’s details to anyone whatever the situation may be.

Rituals Performing to remove Black Magic - How to remove Black Magic

After giving promise to the tantrik, the evil spirit does whatever it promises the tantrik to do. This may be making the person seriously ill, kill him, make him insane, make him have serious financial problems, make him commit suicide or cause misfortune to him. There are various other things as well that black magic is capable of doing. Black magic can cure the diseases as well. It is upto the person how she/he wants to utilise it.  

After doing this, the soul confirms the tantrik that it has completed the assigned task and the work of tantrik is over.

Symptoms of Black Magic   

  • The victim would like to be alone and aloof always.
  • Will be irritated and annoyed always.
  • The nails of the victim will turn into black colour.
  • The head and shoulders pain will be consistent.
  • The smell of scent will occur from him.
  • The victim will restrain himself from taking bath.
  • The victim will speak with himself.
  • The eyes of victim will turn red.
  • The victim won’t feel hungry.
  • His body parts will move unnaturally like he will go keeps biting his nails or keeps stretching his fingers.
  • It a tulsi plant is present at the victim’s home, it will burn abruptly and will not grow again till the effect is present at that house.

The above mentioned ones are the major symptoms of black magic and if the first 4 symptoms mentioned above appear in a person, then for sure, he is affected by black magic.

How people of different Age groups are affected by Black Magic ?

Usually, the things that are happening with the person affected by black magic can happen with normal person as well. So, it is difficult to find out whether is a person is normal or a black magic victim. It is very hard to detect black magic at an early stage as most people do not have faith in black magic. A person will not be directly harmed by black magic but he will face a lot of problems and will create many enemies by which he will get affected adversely.

How to identify black magic affected for different age groups

Let us have a look at the effect of black magic on people of different age groups

Age group 0-14:

The victim will fall sick consistently, will fight with everybody, will have unnecessary irritation, lack of proper attention in school, usage of medicines will not cure him, develops bad habits like drinking alcohol, smoking and watching porn.

Age group 14-50:

Misunderstandings with relatives and friends, women will get allured towards the victim and the people close to them or their husbands will become the victim’s enemies, breakups in love happen, the people around you will be disloyal to you, might get involved in the extramarital affairs, start smoking, drinking alcohol excessively, financial problems, illnesses like depression, hypothyroidism like develop.

Age group 50 and above:

Fights with the members of the family, various illnesses such as kidney or heart disorders, diabetes and others.

The black magic will have a very high effect on No-moon and Full-moon days (Amavasya and Pournima). So, the victim must be highly cautious on these 2 days.

Black Magic Remedies

As black magic exists in distinct forms, the remedies are also distinct as well. So, we cannot get rid of black magic with single remedy. First, we must understand what type of black magic is that and we must choose the remedy according to it. In this regard, you have to consult an expert. Unfortunately, most of the people are frauds and only a few people have real powers. You have to search for this person extensively and you have no other option for this.

The remedies mentioned below are common are would help you certainly. Remember one thing, with logical thinking, you can fight with black magic. If you are a person with stable and strong mind, the black magic effects could be reduced.

Traditional Practices on How to remove Black Magic

Below mentioned are the common black magic remedies

  • Homeopathy relieves us from stress to a great extent. Most of the black magic symptoms are common to stress. So, the homeopathy medicines reduce the effect of  black magic to a great extent. The homeopathy cannot reduce the effect of black magic permanently but can give the victim a good symptomatic relief.
  • If most cases, the persons responsible for black magic are friends or relatives of the victim. So, do not say anyone which deity you worship or do not share your secrets with anyone. It is better to avoid contact with those kind of persons.
  • Look for the things that are suspicious such as haldi, kumkum, ash, nails, lemons etc, in and around your home and where you go regularly. If you get any, throw them into the river.
  • Always worship the God. There is no force that is more powerful than him.
  • Lord Ganesha should be worshipped as he eliminates the obstacles in our life. Offer him a red flower on Chaturthi and on tuesdays. Visit the temple on a daily basis and do abhishekam in the temples regularly.
  • Try to change your enemies’ mind. Try to remain calm. Do meditation daily and do not quarrel with anybody.
  • Take professional help from the persons you know very well (a spiritual healer or a psychic whom you know very well and whom you trust completely) on how to remove black magic. But, be careful when approaching anyone as they can cheat you in order to get money from you.

Baba's Magic words to remove black magic - How to remove Black Magic

  • Your family deity will always protect you from difficulties. Therefore, the common practice of black magic in India is to remove the grace of the victim’s family deity from the victim. So, you should always worship him whatever may happen.
  • If you think that some people don’t like you or have grudge on you or jealous about you, avoid drinking liquids or eating food at their home. They will offer you a dead person’s ash in those foods. Once you eat those, it is extremely difficult to eliminate those effects.
  • Always save money for emergency purposes and do not take risks that are unnecessary.
  • Keep a cat or a dog at your home because the spells that are casted on you will affect the, first and you remain safe.
  • Take a lemon having one edge. On a no-moon or full-moon night, ask the victim to face east and sit on the floor. Take the lemon in your left hand and place it on the head of the victim that just touches the victim’s head. Along the lemon’s vertical axis, cut it with a knife vertically. Fill some turmeric and kumkum in it and move it starting from head till the floor with the lemon in your right hand but lemon should not touch the floor and hand only must touch the floor. Do it for 7 times.

Then, without wearing a shoe or a sandal and without talking with anyone, go out of your home and throw that lemon at a dirty place or at a crematorium or at a crossway. Wash your feet with water and enter the house again. Do not forget this. During this procedure, the victim should remain in the house and should not leave the house whatever may be the reason.

  • On a paper, take some amount of rice and add some curd to it. Place an egg in it. Take some Gulal and add that in the mixture. Then, move the mixture starting from the victim’s head till the floor and then, keep the mixture in a crematorium or a crossway. Do this on no-moon or full-moon night.
  • Try out a binding spell that converts evil to good. This is a white magic, positive spell that helps the person in a spiritual way and turns his energy to positive from negative so that she or he can no longer cause harm to you with hexes and curses. A binding spell will not cause harm to its subject. It stops the person from hurting you further. With the person’s name, inscribe a candle. Repeat the below words as it burns down.

“I bring you forth from the dark and hold you to the light. Let not your past control my present. Let not my future be as dark as night. I meet and greet you with open arms, and move you back into the light. So mote it be

  • Positive energy has the power to weaken the negative energy from which black magic takes its power. So, use Laughter as a medicine to break the spell as it is an effective medicine against any type of curse.
  • Burn the “uncrossing” incense. The same magic herbs will have an “uncrossing” effect by burning them, which means they break the hex or curse. Take as many herbs as you can and bundle them up, then tie them up with a string and light it on fire (on a safe surface or outside). The curse will be broken by the time the bundle had burned away.
  • Since vetiver, wormwood and mugwort are powerful when it comes to breaking curses and warding off evil spirits, it is better you carry them with you. Fill up a tiny cloth sack with the herbs and put it in your pocket or tie it around your waist.
  • Take a bath in magic herbs and salt. A ritual bath has the strength to eliminate the bad energy that is causing harm to you. Light some candles and draw a warm bath if you feel you have been cursed. While having bath, try to have only positive thoughts.

To avoid Black Magic, follow  below listed instructions:

To increase its cleansing power, sprinkle the below things into the bath:

  • Wormwood
  • Vetiver
  • Patchouli
  • Mugwort
  • Basil
  • Hyssop
  • A pinch of salt
  • To protect yourself from black magic, use an amulet. An amulet is an object that protects you from curses, hexes and bad energy. An amulet can be ribbon you wear in your hair, shell from your favourite beach or a special piece of jewellery.

Anti black magic amulet - How to remove black Magic

By knowing about the various remedies mentioned above, you will gain knowledge on how to remove black magic.

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