Highlights of Jr NTR’s Bigg Boss episode 3


Bigg Boss assigns a task to the entire team which is read out by Hari Priya. The entire team should wear as much clothes as they can within a deadline of a few minutes. A siren would then ring out at which they should place their remaining clothes in the storeroom. As the captain, Sampoo is exempted from the task. Later, Bigg Boss assigns the first luxury budget task to the inmates. Points will be allotted on the basis of this task which can be accumulated to buy luxury items.

The first task given to the team is to create a fire and keep it burning continuously till the end of day. The team creates one and keeps pouring ghee into it regularly. At the end of the task, Sampoo is required to nominate one person who can have his luggage back from the store room. Towards the end of the task, Dhanraj bites Adarsh much to the shock of the rest of the team. Both Dhanraj and Adarsh then break out into laughter saying it was only a joke. The team is relieved.

Source: Times Of India


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