Hemis National Park

Hemis National Park - Lepoard

Hemis National park is a beautiful place in the lap of nature and mountains. Hemis national park is located in Eastern Ladakh, in Jammu-Kashmir state.

This park is also known as Hemis Altitude National Park. The park is famous for biodiversity, flora and fauna, and for snow leopard.

Hemis National Park

Hemis National Park - High Altitude National Park

History and Significance of Hemis National Park

In 1987 the park was established as national park. The park covers 600 sq km of area. Hemis was a famous Buddhist Monastery called Hemis Gompa, it is situated 40km from national park, and it is the largest and wealthiest Monastery of Ladakh which is 400 years old.

Hemis National Park - Snow Lepoard

The national park is situated on north banks of Indus River. It is known for its unique biodiversity and environment. Lofty Mountains and alpine jungles make eye catching view for every tourist, who visits the park. Camping and Trekking are also popular significance of national park.

Hemis National Park Timings

Park timing- 9.00am to 5.00pm

Park remains open for whole year; there is no closing day of park.

Entry Fee for Hemis National Park Visit

Entry fee for Indians – 20rs/-

Entry fee for foreigners – 100rs/-

You can buy your ticket from ticket counter of national park. Make sure that special permission required of wildlife management before visit the park.

The best time to visit the park is between May to middle of October. Other months are causes bitter cold and snow surround national park.

How To Reach Hemis National Park

By Air-Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpoche airport is the nearest airport, which is just 5km away from national park. All major cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Srinagar or Jammu connected by fly way from Leh airport.

By Rail– Jammu Twi Railway Station is the nearest railway station from national park, and it is well connected with roads networks.

By Road-Being close to Pakistan, the route can be closed by Indian army sometimes, but the road way is much safer for Leh, you can hire your taxi, it can be taken to gate of Hemis National Park. Daily bus services are also available for park, Leh City also well connected with roads and other cities.

Hemis National Park Special Attractions 

Scenic View of National Park-The Park Falls under the Karakoram-West Tibetan Plateau an alpine forest, shrubs and panoramic views are untouchable and pure beauty of nature.

The national park stated in a cold area where in winters temperature can drop to -20 degree. In summers the mountains got covered with white snow, which looks beautiful and attract many tourists towards national park.

Hemis Teschu Festival – A 400 year old Buddhist Monastery called Hemis Monastery draws a large number of tourists for Hemis Teschu Festival.

The festival is traditional occasion of their native and follower of Mahatma Buddha. Thousands of tourists come to Hemis Village to watch the traditional rituals and other things.

Snow Leopard – Snow Leopard is highly endangered predator, and also the center of attraction for many tourists. Many people come to visit the national park only to see the snow leopard and its natural habitats and behavior.

Hemis National Park - Lepoard

Dominant Flora and Fauna of Hemis National Park

Main Flora-Lloydia, Gentiana, Anemone, Koberesia, Caragana, Veronica, Salix, Birch, Ephedra, Poplar, Taraxacum, Junipers, Delphinum, Thallctrwn all are the dominant flora of national park.

Main Fauna

Mammals– Snow leopard, great Tibetan sheep, and Blue sheep, Ladakhi Urial or Shapu, Red Fox, Himalayan Marmot, Asiatic Ibex, Mountain Weasel, the Tibetan wolf, brown Bear, mountain mouse Hare, and Bharal.

Birds-The national park is famous for Golden Eagle’s observation and study, here you will find many rare kind of birds like Tibetan snow Finch, Tickells, Fork Tailed Swift, Himalayan Griffon vulture, Fire Frontier Serin, Lammergeier vulture, Red Billed chough, Himalayan snowcock, Robin Accentor, Chukar, Brown Accentor, streaked leaf warbler etc.

Hemis National Park - Bird

Hemis National Park Nearby Places to Visit 

Shey – shey is a beautiful village, which is 15km from Hemis National Park. You can go to watch the shey Monastery, which has largest Buddha statue.  

Stok– Stok is also village with beautiful mountains and valleys, just 22 km away from Hemis National Park.

Leh-Leh is the city of many Buddhist Monastery and Buddha Mattha. It is 29km away from the national park.

Ladakh– Ladakh is less green area, but still it is unique for many tourists, the clear sky, Rivers with crystal clear water and highest mountains attracts adventure lover towards it, Ladakh is 31km away from national park, whoever come to visit national park, surely go to visit to Ladakh.

Resorts/stay/hotels in Hemis National Park

If we talk about any accommodation then you should confirm that there are no hotels and lodges available near Hemis National park. Six villages exist surrounding the park: Rumbak, Sku, Kaya, Chilling, Urutse, and Shingo.

Hemis monastery arranges accommodation for visitors, and nearest city Leh has many hotel and lodges. Actually Hemis is famous for its trekking facility, and who come to visit they arrange camp or tent for themselves. You can meet with village’s people and can arrange a living place for yourself.


Help Assistance

Hemis National park is a beautiful tourism place, and home and shelter for many wild animals. It is one of the largest national parks of Asia. And in India Hemis park has great value, it is stated in a cold place, but still the national park has reserved its preservation and care towards ecosystem and to wilderness.

In cold and barren area there are limited sources for human, and surviving is difficult, but still the Hemis National Park has many surviving animals, and government also doing great efforts for them. The park has been included as world heritage site.

Unique flora and fauna, biodiversity, dangers predators like snow leopard and snow wolf, are the main attraction for tourists. As well as the trekking and camping in hard whether and atmosphere makes a challenge for adventure lovers.

There are not many facilities for living and eating, you must carry your food with yourself, no source of luxury hotels and resorts, but still the national park attracts many visitors every year.

Tourism is the main source of their natives, and people of village are so innocent and always ready for help.

The director of Tourism, Jammu& Kashmir government, Srinagar, Tel: 72449/73648/77224.


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