Happiness is about caring, being positive: Aniketh Jain

Positive thinking gives happiness

Balancing work-life
Work-life balance is an art of managing time. Channelising your time by setting priorities can ensure you strike the right balance. As an entrepreneur, one constantly thinks about work. It’s an integral part of our lives – like a fresh cup of morning tea. We work all around the year, but also ensure that we spend quality time with family.

A happy and fit state of being
Being fit is all about carrying yourself well in body and mind. Few activities like running and yoga keep me fit, gives me peace and a lot of patience to get going.

Happiness high
Solving complex problems gives me high energy. Happiness to me is about caring, expressing myself and being positive.

Your dare quotient
I’m a risk-taker, it keeps me excited.

Your spiritual diet
It lies within yourself; in your heart and mind. I constantly have conversations with myself and that helps me understand myself better. When you know yourself, you become sure of how to respond to external stimulus.

Tackling life challenges
I read in one of the books that the road to success is through commitment, and one needs strength to drive through that commitment when the going gets rough. Managing crisis is also about spontaneity, you go by your instincts and as an entrepreneur, you learn over the years to drive your team while in crisis.

Written By: Aniketh Jain

Source: Times Of India


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