Great Himalayan National Park

Great Himalayan National Park

Great Himalayan national park is a beautiful national park of India, which is stated in Himachal Pradesh, in district Kullu. Kullu is the charming city with High Mountains covered with white snow, green alpine forests and Rivers. The National park has quality of unique flora and fauna, wildlife and biodiversity and ecosystem.

Great Himalayan National Park

The Great Himalayan National Park’s location is in western part of Himalaya. The park covers 90,540ha. The national park is also known as Jawaharlal Nehru Park. In1984 the park was constructed, that time it was considered as Common Park, but in 1999 the park is declared as national park. In 2014 the national park was awarded UNESCO world heritage site. The outstanding biodiversity conversation, preservation of 1000 plants, 31 mammal species, 209 bird species, and many other reptiles and insects living in the national park. The area surrounded with oak and deodar trees. The national park is bounded with Pin valley national park and Rupi Bhaba Sanctuary and also Kanwar wildlife sanctuary in North side. Kullu is famous for its scenic views of natural beauty and handicraft and ancient temples, and Indian festivals like Dushera and Diwali.

Great Himalayan National Park Entry Fee

For Indians-50rs per person
For foreigners-200rs per person
Fee for Indian Student-30rs per student
Fee for Foreign Student-100rs per student

Photography is allowed in National park, For Camera you have to pay extra charges-

For Indians-150rs
For foreigners-500rs camera charges

Great Himalayan National Park Timings

The National park remains open between 10.00am to 5.00pm. And the best time to visit the park is between the months from March to June and September to November.  July and August are Monsoon months, so these months are not fine for trip, and in December the heavy snowfall causes blockage the route of National park, because the park stated in the lap of Himalaya, where in winter season there is bitter cold.

Great Himalayan National Park How To Reach

Great Himalayan National Park

Airways: Bhutnar, Kullu is the nearest airport of Great Himalayan National Park, just 60 km away from national park. The airport is well connected with roads, and you will find regular flights by Indian Airlines for national Park.

RailwaysNear Mandi city Joginder Nagar railway station is the nearest railway station from Great Himalayan National Park. You will find regular trains for park, and the station is well connected with roads and cities.

Roadways: There are no direct roads available for Great Himalayan National Park. But if you want to visit by road, Sainj Valley and Tirthan Valley both makes visitors path easy and get close to Himalaya national park.

Great Himalayan National Park – Special Attractions

Great Himalayan National Park Trek

Trekking is the popular attraction for tourists, thousands of visitors come to National Park for trekking. Neuli Sarangarh Loop is one of popular place for trekking.

Tirthan Valley

The valley is famous for trekking and its scenic views, surrounded with mountains and alpine trees. You can also find here many kinds of birds like eagle, raptors etc.


Tinder Village-The village is also famous for hills and mountains covered with snow. The area has popular tourist place for trekking.

Parvati River Valley

This location is stated in center in valley, where many visitors come for trekking. Here you will find much kind of animals and birds.

Dushera Festival

Dushera festival is famous in Kullu district; Phool Yatra and Naina Devi fair are main attractions. The festival is celebrated in month of October.

Shopping in Kullu

Kullu is famous for its Handicraft items, numbers of shops you will found in the market. Here you can buy items according to your choice.

Dominant Flora and Fauna at Great Himalayan National Park


2,000 meters of area is covered with blue pine, and also mix with Ban oak forest, Deodar forest, Himalayan Alpine Pastures and Rhododendron, Cedar, Bamboo, iris, Gagea, Primula and Taxus Baccata are the main flora of national park. Also you will find herbs, medicinal plants, rare species of spurge, buckthorn, yew, balsams etc.


Here you will find 375 fauna species including 31 species of Mammals like-snow leopard, blue sheep, musk deer, brown beer, goral, common langur, Himalaya black bear, Muntjac and wolfs etc.


Great Himalayan National Park

The national park includes 181 species of birds’ like- golden eagle, raptors, lammergeyers, Himalayan griffon vulture, parrots, Bulbul etc. the dangers western tragopan also lives here, and 50 species of migratory birds you can see here.

Nearby Places to Visit near Great Himalayan National Park


Mandi is considered as East’s Varanasi. It is 70km away from Kullu. The place is famous for 81 temples and scenic views; also it is the most favorite tourist place.


Manali is a famous tourist spot, and like a paradise for adventure lovers. Trekking, skiing and water sports are popular activities for visitors. The Rohtang Pass and Solang valley are famous for paragliding and trekking.

Parvati valley

Valley is located in Kullu district, and famous for scenic Mountain View, and as well as adventure.

Great Himalayan National Park Stay

There are numbers of hotels and lodges are available in Kullu district like white Meadows, Hotel Himalayan, Silmog Garden and many others. You can do advance booking of rooms via phone or online, accommodation is not the problem at all. Kullu is well connected with major cities and roads. Find a hotel according to your comfort level and if you are looking for cheaper price than many other lodges and resorts also fit for you.

Great Himalayan National Park is the proud of Himachal Pradesh. The beautiful views of nature, and mountains and Rivers, the dominant flora and fauna, and the incredible wildlife of national park all are the prominent part of our ecosystem and biodiversity. Crystal clear water and glaciers covered with white snow looks like diamond of skyline. The Great Himalayan National Park is the haven for nature’s lovers and also for them who are seeking for adventure here you will find skiing on snow, Paragliding, trekking, nature camp, Jungle Safari and other water sports. The national park is like a full package of entertainment and information. So pack your bags and ready to visit the wonder of nature and wildlife, and feel the glimpse of nature and relaxation of mind and body. Great Himalayan National Park provides unforgettable moments which are precious for them who come to visit the national Park.

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