Farewell Speech for Students

Farewell Speech for Students

Respected Principal, Teachers & my dear friends,

Today is the last get-together of us. It is our farewell day & being the school captain, I am here to give a farewell speech for students. We are here in this school just for few more days. Afterwards, our ways will part & we proceed to our actual destinations which we all were dreaming since long. We had spent 12 precious years of our lives in this school. This school has given us so many memories.

It’s like yesterday when we joined this school. So many memories, good & bad, in our minds, so fresh like, it’s just yesterday. The environment is strict still friendly & motivational. Our teachers are very supportive and very inspiring. Their support made us what we are today. We are really grateful & will always be.

They told us that a best student can achieve any limit with the best teacher at reach. It is our responsibility to prove them that they structured our life in such a way that we are always on the correct track. Their support is always there when we are in need, whether related to our studies or our personal aspects. They made us disciplined, punctual, well mannered and well responsive. They have contributed much more for the school by educating pupils like us & many more.

I was always told by my class teacher, “Try to be a man of values, but not a man of success”. This made me feel the value of responsibility, the responsibility towards studies, responsibility towards my parents & responsibility towards myself to be a person of values. They made us feel what our parents sacrificed to reach us this temple of wisdom.

This farewell speech is making me feel nostalgic. When we were small kids, we never understood why we are being sent to the school because we have to wake up early & rushed to school & had to spent long hours attending boring classes. But as we started growing up, we understood the value of all this. Those boring classes turned the most interesting hours of the day.

We are not only literate people but educated one. Now we understand the value of education. We know the path to follow to fulfill our goals of life. We know what we want to achieve in life. We know how to treat other peoples as gentleman. We know what we have to teach to our youngsters. All we know is just due to this school, our teachers & our leaders.

As I am giving this farewell speech today, all the pictures of those fine years are waiving like a short story in my mind. Playing in the muddy grounds, eating lunch during classes, making fun of friends & others, keeping nick names of teachers, fighting with classmates to sit in the first bench, roaming around when teacher is not present & lots more. If we start talking about everything, then this farewell speech never ends.

I know teachers cannot remember the names & faces of all the students as we are very big in numbers but for us, you teachers are like our second parents, so it’s impossible to forget them ever. I am ending this farewell speech here with a promise to fulfill the dreams of our parents & teachers, & also I will always there for my friends, just a call away.

Farewell Speech given by Students

Farewell Speech For Students

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