I have faith in the law and judiciary: Kamal

Kamal hassan

“I have faith in the law and the judiciary. If the law says I have to be arrested, let that happen and I am confident that the judiciary will protect me,” said actor Kamal Haasan on Friday, speaking to media persons.

He was responding to questions about a complaint filed by the Hindu Makkal Katchi with the police in Chennai with reference to Bigg Boss, a show he is a part of. The group had asked for a ban on the TV show stating that the persons in the show were mouthing obscene dialogues and that the show was against Tamil culture. The group has demanded that Mr Haasan stops hosting the show.

“I have been facing the camera for so many years and I wonder why such issues are cropping up now. When I did a movie like Dasavatharam, those groups celebrated me and now, I am at the receiving end when I change direction,” said the actor, addressing a press meet. Stating that the show had been running for nearly 11 years in Hindi, and had also been shot in Kannada, Mr Haasan questioned why the group had not raised any questions about the same show in other languages.

‘Show is necessary’

“I am being asked if I should have kept away from controversy and not been a part of a show like this. But I think that a show like Bigg Boss is as necessary as cricket,” he said. “They are throwing darts at me. It is not working and it won’t work in the future as well.”

The show, which has been on the air since June 25, has participants who stay in a specially constructed house without any sort of connectivity to the outside world but are constantly monitored through cameras.

 Source: Times Of India


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