Even Mahesh Babu Couldn’t Sell It


Mahesh Babu is inarguably the biggest star in overseas market among Tollywood stars. However, that doesn’t mean he could make a flop film click at the box office.

Buyers used to bet big on Mahesh Babu’s films earlier, but things have drastically changed after Brahmotsavam.

It ended up as one of the biggest flops in overseas history because of the exorbitant prices it was bought for.

This is the reason why Mahesh’s upcoming film Spyder still remains unsold. Producers expected the film to fetch at least Rs. 22 crore from overseas rights. But no buyer has come forward to shell so much on it despite the crazy combination of Mahesh and Murugadoss.

Producers are quoting somewhere around Rs. 15 crore at the moment and Spyder is yet to find a buyer.

According to revised shares in US market a film should collect $4 Million (Rs. 12 crore share) in US for the buyer to breakeven if he spends Rs. 15 crore (Rs. 3 crore earnings from other overseas markets).

None of the Telugu movies other than Baahubali collected more than $3Million till now. So it is not practical for anyone to spend so much on a film irrespective of the star cast and craze.

Why because at this price the profits will be minimal and losses will be huge.


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