Essay on Winter Season

Essay On Winter Season

A season can be defined technically as “ A certain period of time annually which is marked by a distinct wind pattern, temperature, humidity, amount of sunlight received, number of daylight hours etc, due to Earth’s revolution around the sun ”. There are four seasons on this planet i.e, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, this division was accepted and adopted by almost all the countries in the world. Seasons varies from area to area depending upon the geographical position. For example Southern Hemisphere experiences summer, in the months of November, December and January where the temperatures in Northern Hemisphere will be of minus temperatures. This relative stark contrast is because of the tilted position of Earth’s axis.

Essay on Winter Season

Winter is one of the seasons in a calendar which is characterized by  cool climate, long nights, short days and freezing temperatures. Northern Hemisphere will experience winter during the months of November, December, January and Southern Hemisphere it during the months June, July, August.

Importance of Winter Season

Winter season is of vital importance in economic terms and improvising health condition of an individual. Economically it is the ideal season to grow many Winter crops(Locally known as Rabi crops) such as Wheat, Barley, Peas, Garlic etc. These crops form the core human’s diet in daily day life, therefore winter season is  important for producing humans food and an important season for earning returns for farmers. Due to the absence of excessive heat in the atmosphere in Winter season, it provides a conducive atmosphere for humans  to work for longer hours. Mosquitos which create havoc by spreading diseases during Summer season can’t withstand the low temperatures of Winter season. Thus the total number of people falling sick to Mosquito prone diseases will be declined during winter season.

Winter season

Winter season extends to an average period of three months in both the hemispheres of the world. In countries like Chile, Brazil, New Zealand winter begins in the month of June. While for Northern Hemisphere countries like China, Russia and Japan, winter season will begin in early November. During the course of Winter season, number of Daylight hours will shrink below 12 hours.

Winter in India

The following are some of the features of Winter Season

  1. During Winter season days are warm and nights are cold.
  2. Frost is experienced in almost all the areas but dominant in tropics.
  3. With respect to India most part of the land will remain dry except for North-Western part. Western disturbances brings which originates in the Mediterranean sea bring rainfall to the the North-Western states of India.
  4. In temperate regions the temperature will fall below zero as a result these areas will be covered with a blanket of snow.
  5. During winter season people wears thick woolen clothes to keep themselves warm and comfortable.
  6. We cannot find many animals during winter season. Since they hibernate to escape the low temperatures.
  7. Usually trees won’t grow in winter season. However there are some shrubs like Hellebores, Cyclamen and flowers like Snowdrops bloom in winter season.
  8. During this season many birds migrate to distant place in search of a habitat for survival.

My Favourite Season Essay

Winter season is one of the favorite one to many people in the world because entire land will be covered with a thick blanket of Snow. Especially children rejoices by making Snowman outdoor. The dew on flowers supplements the beauty of trees and makes them more appealing to humans eyes. Most of the people enjoy to switch to warm clothes and have delicious winter dishes. Numerous festivals were also set in Winter season, particularly Christmas brings happiness to people’s homes. This season is favorite to adventurous people because of popular sporting activities like Skiing and Sledding were feasible to play.

Sharad Ritu is Winter in Hindi

In temperate regions owing to extreme harshness in the climate, kids stick to their houses and schools will declare holidays. During this period they will keep themselves busy with a great book or engages themselves with some productive work. Winter season unites everybody in the home since most of the work will come to a standstill. Thus it gives an opportunity to entire family to spend some joyful days together around the bonfire, munching popcorn and other tidbits. It is the best season for people in the tropical regions to do outdoor exercises in the mornings. The following are some of the benefits of doing exercise in Winter season-

  1. It helps us to burn more than usually burnt number of calories.
  2. It strengthens cardiovascular muscles and Heart.
  3. Our body will be adapted to tolerate extreme temperatures.
  4. Fee hours of exercise will enhance the blood circulation in the body.
  5. It helps to keep the body in perfect shape and fit.
  6. A strong immune system develops in the body which can easily resist cold and cough.

Winter Safety Tips

Sudden change in the climate to freezing temperatures may bring upon illnesses such as cold and fever. The rate of metabolism in our body drops and even worse thing is our body don’t feel energized anymore.These are avoidable given the following precautionary measures are followed

  1. You should stay away from smoking since it weakens your immune system.
  2. Try to reduce the amount of sugars intake.
  3. Maintain a balanced diet, eat as many as vegetables and fruits possible.
  4. Don’t neglect to drink water, as it may result in adverse effects in the future.
  5. Exercising regularly is must to keep your body in right shape.
  6. Wash your hands regularly in order to avoid bacterial infections.
  7. Take a influenza vaccination, this will reduce the probability of getting sick.
  8. Having good amount of sleep during winter season is necessary for averting flu or cold. This will also minimize the stress on your brain and body.


“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”, surely it is a pleasant time for family gatherings and to have fun with friends and neighbors. However it is not as good it appears to be for poor and beggars, who were deprived of blankets and firewood to keep themselves warm. Therefore  they will be affected by the extreme cold temperature resulting in several deaths. This can be averted by providing proper shelter, food and clothes to them both by the government and individuals.

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