Essay On Water

essay on water

Essay on water – Water is most important resource available on earth for living. Our planet Earth is mostly cover with water.

It is about 71.4% of the Earth. Life cannot be possible on earth without water. The chemical formula of water is H2O, which means one drop of water molecule is made of 2 atoms of hydrogen and 1 atom of oxygen.

Essay On Water

Water is the base of life. You cannot imagine life without water. Water is used for various important purposes in our day-to-day life. It is used in almost every field.

Importance Of Water

  • Agriculture: it is impossible to do agri-work without water. Irrigation, which is most important part, cannot be possible.
  • Human life: A human body is made of 70% water. Human can live without food for months and years. But without water, it is not even thinkable.
  • Industries: Industries need huge amount of water for many reasons like power generation, cooling, fire protection, cleaning etc.
  • Animal life & forests: Flora and fauna on earth can only be possible with the presence of water on earth.

Water Quotes – “Jal hi Jeevan Hai”

Types Of Water

Water is the only component on Earth, which is available on 3 forms; liquid, solid & gas. Liquid state is the commonly found form of water. It is found in rivers, ponds, sea and oceans. Only the liquid form can be used for drinking and cooking.

The second form is the Solid form. Water in its solid form is called Ice. When the water gets called under 0 degree temperature, it forms ice. The ice form is used for home uses and industrial usage.

essay on water

The third form called Gas form is only used for industrial or scientific performances. Where the water is transformed into gas & then used in various activities.

Why Water is Important For Human Life?

As we repeatedly saying that human life is not possible without water. A human needs water for every activity. Drinking, washing, cleaning, cooking, bathing, etc. It helps in increasing body metabolism and circulates important nutrients around the body. It also helps in digesting the food you eat and removes the waste from your body. The amount of water needed for you can be decided by the physical activity you do and the geographical area you live in.

Water is essential to hydrate your body otherwise water imbalance can weaken your body and brain both. It also works as a medium for electrolytes to get circulated in the whole body. Water helps in controlling the natural balance also.

Sources Of Water

We all know that Rain is the major source of water on Earth. Other than rain, the other sources of water are river, ponds, ocean, lakes, streams, springs, etc. although ocean water is not used for drinking as it contains high level of salt. But you can use in industrial areas and also to manufacture salt from water.

But due to global warming, one more source emerged which is called ice water. Ice on the high mountains is melting due the global warming effect and so the oceans are getting large with rising water level.

Causes For Water Problems

As we just said that water level is increasing but that is in oceans. That water is none of our use. We cannot use it for drinking. So the problem of drinking & usable water is arising day by day. Clean drinking fresh water is scarce and people have to spend their entire day finding for the same. Those people who have the access for fresh water are taking it for granted & not conserving for future.

According to Wikipedia, “Water scarcity is the lack of sufficient available water resources to meet the demands of water usage within a region. It already affects every continent and around 2.8 billion people around the world at least one month out of every year. More than 1.2 billion people lack access to clean drinking water.”

The main causes of water scarcity are as follows

  • Over use of water: We are not using water wisely. Even after knowing that many cities and states are facing water problem on the big level. Still we waste that precious resource.
  • Water Pollution: It is one of the major reasons because we cannot use polluted water. Water gets polluted due to poring of chemicals in water through big industries.
  • Lack of preservation: Science has already developed many options to preserve different water, but we are not using them properly. We can preserve the rain water so that it will be used by the people. Also there are many facilities available now to make the used water re-usable.
  • Deforestation: It also is one of the reasons because trees and their roots help the nature to grab the rain water being flown into sewer lines & get polluted.
  • Drought: It is one of the major natural calamities which are also a cause of water scarcity. Due to lack of water, you cannot make irrigation & ultimately food problem arises too

Remedies For Water Problems

We still have some time to get some remedial actions, so that before it is too late we do something to get over with the problem of scarcity of water.

  • Educate: Education does not meant literacy. But it means to educate each and every person how to preserve water. Those who are not dealing with the problem should be taught to help others and also how they have reserve their part for future. And those who are facing the problem should teach other to save their resources.
  • Water recycling: There is number of technologies available which help us to recycle the used water. With the help of this, you can get the maximum use of water and it will not go wasted just like that.
  • Water Conservation: Although from many decades, people are engaged in conserving the natural resources of water.
  • Improved farming practices: New improved practices help us in using less water and giving the same quality and quantity of farming products. The improved technologies will have to be used properly.
  • Awareness: The general people should get the awareness of the scarcity and also the remedial process to conserve water.

How To Save Water

Water is now a need to get conserve. Due to global warming effect, the fresh water resources are soaking. We should use water very cleverly otherwise our future will be very dangerous.

  • When at home, don’t let the faucets or taps open even after use. Even if you get plenty of water at home & never faced the scarcity, it is advisable to start protecting from today.
  • Do not throw the used water. Try to re-use it in washing utensils or clothes. You can even use them for cleaning your bike/car.
  • In farm lands, you can equip modern machineries which help in farming with less amount of water.
  • Preserve our natural resources which are getting ignored by us.
  • Teach our younger’s too to save water so that their future will safe.


It is now or never. Water is life. Life is not there without water. So start taking necessary actions to preserve or conserve water from today itself.

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