Essay On Unemployment

Essay on unemployment

Essay on unemployment – Unemployment is the root cause of the downfall of any economy. Every country aims to reduce unemployment and create a stable society with a minimum per capita income.

The first step towards progression for a country is creating jobs for the people. Poverty can never be replaced with anything. Almost all the third world countries in the world are terribly suffering from the menacing issue of unemployment.

Talking about India it is also in the midst of unemployment for the young people.  Though after the implementation of new economic policy in the year 1991 things have changed yet there are certain loopholes which need to be mended.

Essay On Unemployment

The factors behind Essay on unemployment are known to all yet it should be highlighted every time to make the decision makes realize the pain and sufferings of the people.

There is a definite need of change in the entire cycle of the economy. The difference between the haves and the have not is huge in India and is increasing with time.

essay on unemployment

Let’s highlight the factors once again for a better understanding.

  • Education is completely based on theory- There is a huge dearth of practical knowledge in the Indian education system.  Starting from school to University all these institutions are completely focused on books and hardly give any practical or industry related skill to the students.  On top of that, there is a wide difference between the pattern of study and work in the industry.
  • Lack of industrial unit- The entire country is mostly dependant on the industrial sector yet there is a big gap between people fetching jobs and jobs available. Though there are opportunities for skilled labors in all these factories but the most affected ones are unskilled labors. The rate of unemployment is more among this category.
  • The downfall of industries- There are few industries which had a huge downfall in the recent years like the cottage, jute etc. Thousands of people are unemployed due to this and the government couldn’t provide an alternative to them.
  • The rise of the population– This seems to be the root cause of every problem. Every year there are students passing out from different universities but the industry has hardly any vacancy for the new people.
  • Lack of agricultural growth- Most of India is still now dependant on agriculture and the productivity of this sector is quite low. Pool farming is often practiced yet the output is not up to that level.

The essay on unemployment problem is not really new in the country. The government has tried various ways to curb poverty but nothing productive happened.  Some of the ways by which the country has tried or is still doing are

  • Establishment of vocational training institutes- It is very important to establish vocational training institutes for students to learn and experience industry related work before joining any organization.  The youth of the country should focus on the development of vocational courses not theory based studies.
  • Large investments in heavy industries- The heavy industries need more investment for expansion and creation of more job opportunities.  There are thousands of unskilled workers sitting at home. A better investment, expansion in different parts of the country will help to meet the line of proper employment.
  • No alternative to agriculture- Though the country is dependant on agricultural sector yet there is a huge need to provide an alternative to people. The entire population cannot just dependant one sector like agriculture. There should be various other platforms where people may get engaged.
  • The communication system should be strong- The country should also focus on its communication system.  This will enhance the growth of various other industries and also help in the import-export business.

There can be no bigger achievement for India apart from feeding its entire population a proper meal thrice a day. Unemployment is a curse and it should be overcome as soon as possible.

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