Essay On Trees

Essay on Trees the word tree invokes a picture of a tall living thing, with a thick trunk and lovely green leaves. Branches laden with tasty fruits, colorful flowers and leafy canopy are the images connected to trees.

Botany is the study of plant kingdom.  Botany defines a tree as “a perennial plant with an elongated stem, or trunk supporting branches and leaves in most species.”  Generally, we can say that plants which have woody stems, grow to a particular height for sunlight and live for many years are called trees.

Essay On Trees

The tallest tree is the redwood tree called Hyperion, which is about 379 ft tall.  Trees, like plants, make their own food and have long roots which collect water and nutrients underground.  Some examples of trees are Mango tree, Banyan, Palm tree, Conifer tree and Banana tree.


essay on trees

Importance Of Trees

Mentioned below are the reasons why trees are important.

Trees Provide Oxygen

Trees make their own food by a process called Photosynthesis. In this process, the leaves of a plant take in carbon-dioxide and give out oxygen.  This oxygen is essential for breathing.

Trees Give Us Food

Trees give us food in form of grains, seeds, fruits, vegetable, leaves etc…… Carrots, tomatoes, beans and cauliflower provide vitamins. Leaves of various plants like drumstick are consumed because they are rich in proteins and minerals. Who does not love mangoes, apples and grapes?  Even the bark and flowers of some plants are edible.  

Trees Provide Habitat For Various Animals

Many animals make trees their home.  Koala bears depend on eucalyptus trees for survival. Giant Oak trees are home to squirrels, birds, and other mammals.  Mangroves are home to various species of animals whose habitat is directly or indirectly depends upon it.

Trees Control Temperatures

Sun, wind and rain are causes for changes in temperatures on the ground.  Leaves intercept the sun-rays for photosynthesis and cool the atmosphere around it.

Trees stand as a barricade against strong winds, rain, hail and sleet and thus able to control climate around them.

Trees stop soil erosion, stops rainwater for running off Roots of trees run under ground.  So, when it rains the soil is bound by the roots and rain water is absorbed and transported by them to other parts of the tree.  

Importance Of Trees in Our Life

Tree form an important part of our daily lives.  First, basic needs like oxygen and food are provided by Trees.  They also provide wood, medicine, shelter and other products for us.

importance of trees

  • Trees play other roles also in our lives. They are revered as Gods by few societies.  They have a social value and provide an aesthetic environment when placed in residential areas.  People gather under these trees for entrainment, rest and play.
  • In India, panchayats are held under a huge shady where elders take decisions on village level judiciary matters. Trees protect our environment by absorbing emissions, protecting groundwater and preventing soil erosion.
  • According to studies one acre of forest takes in six tons of carbon dioxide and gives out four tons of oxygen that is essential for living things to breathe. Trees also block sunlight and reduce the bad effects of wind and rain. 
  • Trees are harbinger of seasons – Flowers bloom in spring, fruits ripen in summer and leaves turn orange/yellow in autumn.  In winter trees’ metabolism slows down.  The end of winter is highlighted by appearance of new leaves on all trees.
  • Watching trees brings peace, comfort and relaxation to the onlooker.  In fact some people associate their memories with trees.

Trees In Culture

  • Trees were considered as nature spirits and revered in many parts of the world. Cedar groves – Lebanon, Shamam forests – Peru,red grooves  – North America, Garden of Gethsemane –Israel are some of the examples.
  • In India sages have written paeans on Peepal, Arjuna, neem, bel, amla and  banyan trees., Religious activities surrounded these trees. Bel trees give us the Rudraksha that is sacred to Lord Shiva. Pipal trees are sacred to Lord Vishnu, Mangoes are offered to Hanuman, Coconuts are placed at Lord Vishnu’s altar.
  • Haricanda(sandalwood) Mandara(Erythrina Stricta), Samantaka, kalpataru(Tree of eternity) and Parijata are associated with Lord Krishna.    Neem is sacred to the Mother goddess – SakthiBuddhists revere the Bodhi tree where Buddha attained wisdom.  Ber(JuJube) is revered by Sikhs.  
  • There is a Vrksa-Ayurveda also, stating how to plant trees and in which direction.  Mango tree leaves are tied as festoons during festivals.  Leaves of some trees like banana and Arjuna are offered during Pujas.  Bel, Palasa, Bargad, Sami and papal are so revered that, they are not used as fuel or timber.  Paste of sandalwood tree is applied on forehead and on the statues of Gods.

Trees of India

Banyan is the national tree of India.  The other trees found in India are Coconut, Palm, Pepal, Gulmohar, Tulsi, Kikar, Aloe Vera, Neem, Ashwagandha, cork, Eucalyptus, Mahogany, Brahmi, Indian Rosewood, Sal Tree, Teak, Mango and Banana.  Some of these trees are present only in India.  Some trees give raw materials for medicine.  Some are revered.  Some provide delicious fruits and some colourful flowers.

Uses Of Trees

  • Trees are big and form a canopy providing shelter for people and animals underneath.  The branches and leaves of trees protect us from harmful sun’s rays providing cool shelter for outdoor activities at any time of day.  Planting of trees have been beneficial in the barren cityscapes.  
  • Trees provide wood, which is used for heating and cooking. Trees give us timber which is used in construction of buildings.  They are used to make furniture as well.
  • Trees provide medicine.  Eucalyptus leaves are used to cure cold.  It is also used in aromatherapy. Neem is used for skin therapy.  Peepal leaves are also used as medicines
  • Wood pulp is required for manufacturing of paper. Trees absorb harmful particles in air such carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and dust particles and cleans the air around it.
  • Leaves of trees are a good fertilizer for other plants. Leaves are camouflage for animals to hide from their predators.

Save Trees

Deforestation is taking away this precious product of nature from us.   Felling of trees is a huge problem alongside Global warming, pollution and depletion of Ozone layer.  

Trees have the power to control the climate and protect the environment.  Planting new trees at an individual level and aforestation steps taken at a higher level are the ways to save our trees.  Tree guards can be used to trees when they are small.  Organic fertilizers can be added to avoid pollution.  Above all there is need for willpower to protect our flora.  


Trees are all-pervading entities of our lives.  Government and individuals should take all steps required to protect this valuable resource.

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