Essay On Time

essay on time

Essay On Time – We can see that life is making us turn into mechanical robots as a whole. It is drifting us at a lane where we are getting more and more addicted to the cobwebs of the social world, which is taking away the idea of “clandestine memories” from us forever. These new robots called humans are now ruled by different ailments, like competitions, obstacles, egos, which can even be regarded as the seven deadly sins as a whole.

Have you ever wondered what brings the change in the experience list of an individual? If you don’t know then let me say you this article is the answer to this question.

Essay On Time

Often we think in life what is the factor suppressing us or what is the factor that rules us. You may even say many abstracts like hard work, procrastination and many other mundane things. But trust me it lies in the venture of time.

essay on time

We have surely heard a number of phrases like

“Time heals everything” and stuff which make us feel that time has its worth. But let me say you, time is not only the healer but the medicine which helps us to grow. Why am I saying this? Because this can be the ultimate definition of time, i.e., it helps you to grow.

Let’s check out the list of the benefits or the bliss which makes time our biggest bliss

Trust me! Time is the most auspicious treasure to have. That is the basic reason which makes an human crave for life and afraid of the idea of dying.

  1. Development and Growth- I know that people find both the words very synonymous but, these two words are directly proportional to time. Growth can mean in terms of height, weight and stuff, to be more precise, any change in the dimension as a whole. But secondly, Development refers to cognitive and mental development, which is more of outer outburst. So, as we can see with the advent of time, there is a positive or negative progress in terms of growth or development of an individual.
  2. Healer- This is a common vocabulary which have been heard by majority of the readers, who are reading this. Yes with time, all the vices and follies along with negativity can jolt out its way from us. Even you know the best of it; this healer called time helps to eradicate the scars of the past and plasters all your cramps for a perfect future. We always wait for a hand which will guide us through and therefore, time is the best one!
  3. Experience wheel- We often hear the word “changes” which comes up with time. What is the factor which influences these changes? Yes, the answer is time. With time, comes experience which helps us grow and wonderfully make a framework for our personality. How? By giving us a view of the harsh realities that life imposes on to us. You might have seen that even a small driver is well acquainted with certain facts about life, which you are not well accustomed of; the reason is again the jolt of experiences.

From this, you can actually infer quite a deep conclusion about the ruling nature of time, which we face in life. The only point I will suggest all my readers to remember is-

“Time is the cradle or a pendulum which ups and downs, which promote its auspiciousness or pessimism, but what makes you stand out in the queue, is your passion, hard work, and your strength to fight out with the adversities. You have a single life, so be strong to face it yourself, All the best!”

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