Essay on Terrorism

Essay on Terrorism

Terrorism is a word that is usually described in a broader sense as they use violence that intentionally and arbitrarily create fear and terror among the masses. Such actions are basically taken to achieve religious, political or ideological goals. This term is primarily used to describe violence against non-combatants and civilians. This essay on terrorism describes the essence of the terrorist activities that have been often termed as abuse or condemnation politically by governments that are against each other and non-state groups equally. The word terrorist has been used since the 18th century, but it received popularity when the politicians and various journalists introduced it publicly and started using the word in another context as the ‘Islamic Terrorist’ after the attack of September 11. The essay on terrorism puts forward the studies on terrorism and states that there is no universal fixed definition available for the term.

Various definition of the word has been proven controversial. Many government organization and legal structures use a differing definition of terrorism in their respective legislative bodies. The international communities have been inefficient in formulating a universally accepted definition of the human rights violation. This essay on terrorism puts forward various aspect of such an activity. Each of the terrorist activity is an act of performance where a large number of audiences are affected in the end. Terrorists often tend to strike various national emblems so as to show contempt towards them and shake the foundation of the nation or group or society they are opposing. Such an achieving is designed to affect the government negatively whereas it increases the reputation of the terrorist group and their ideologies involved in the terrorist activity. One may learn from the essay on terrorism that such activities usually have a political purpose behind them.

There are often instances that prove that terrorism and religion are inter-related, most terrorists are motivated by either religion or political issues. The essay on terrorism mentions that whenever a political struggle is involved in the structure of religious struggle then the effects are worse than any kind of terrorist attack. The sufferings of the people fulfill the motive of the terrorist of spreading fear and fright among the masses, and broadcasting their message to the audience or getting their radical demands fulfilled. The essay on terrorism makes a brief study of international terrorism and the violent acts involved in them. Activities involving dangerous and violent acts that may affect human life and intimidate a civilian populace are classified as international terrorism. This kind of terrorism usually influences the policies of government and performance of government strategies by the means of mass destruction, kidnapping, and assassinations.

Terrorism and the disorders caused by it are classified into various categories; some of them are as follows:

Political disorder: The activities that specially designed to violently attack to imbibe fear and fright in the segments, communities, groups of a nation of meeting a political purpose and aim.  

Non-Political Terrorism: The act of terrorism that is not meant to aim the political system or for political purpose but are meant to create mass destruction and mishap to affect a prominent individual or to gain the collective objective.

Civil Disorder: A collective act of violence that is meant to interfere with the security, normal functioning and peace of a community, group or country.

Official or state terrorism: The term is associated with the nation or community that runs and is based on asserting fear and operation on the masses; it reaches equilibrium with the acts of terrorism. This kind of terrorism is often practiced by the government with the motive of achieving political objectives, often associated with foreign policies.  

Limited political terrorism: This kind of terrorism is committed with the motivation of political and ideological approach, but is not made public through campaigns to perform control over the state.

Terrorist attacks are usually are designed to maximize the publicity and fear, with the means of poison and explosives. Groups involved in such activities often plan attacks methodically in advance and train individuals to carry out the activity. They raise money with the help of discreet supporters through organized links. Communication among such individual occurs mainly through the old mode of communication or telecommunications. Terrorism is a kind of warfare that is more destructive as compared to the direct conventional warfare.

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