Essay On Technology – Is Technology good or bad for mankind

essay on technology

Essay On Technology the term technology is been heard in each and every sector of the business, whether it may be in the automobile industry or the hotel industry, technology is been used drastically to make sure the services are provided at an optimum level.

The technology advances on day to day basis and thanks to over billions of minds on the planet earth we as an individual can get to see and experience advancements on day to day basis. This can reduce the time in terms of conveying a message from one person to another or the time spent in the kitchen to cook food. All our daily life activities are tied up with Technology.

Essay On Technology

The term Technology refers to a set of tools or machinery or processes which help in reducing the efforts put in and finally makes our life happy.

Technology is closely associated with science. It is because science derives or dictates the how a task or work can be executed effectively and technology is like a helping hand that does the work. So in a sense science can be the process to follow and technology is something that gives output to the thought.

essay on technology

Importance Of Technology

  • Well, if you ask yourself whether technology is important or not I am sure that 100% of you will agree and say that technology is important. This is because:
  • Technology oriented products will make your life easier
  • Communication channel has never been so transparent and you can get in touch with your loved ones even though they live in a different part of the world.
  • Technology advancements in terms of manufacturing companies, automation has increased the productivity and efficiency.
  • The technology advancements have made human’s life easier and happier when it comes to dealing with household activities.
  • We got to a stage that we cannot live without internet and it is hard to imagine a life without these in the current world. This shows how much we are addicted to and dependent on technology.

Role of Technology

The technology has played a major role in various fields and it has reduced the scope of errors and at the time has increased the productivity and efficiency of daily business activities.

Automation Industry

We have seen some tremendous improvement in the automobile industry in terms of technology acceptance. They have inculcated robotics in their manufacturing plants to speed up their manufacturing activities and also have eliminated the concept of errors to a drastically minimal level. The use of technology has boosted up the overall production activities where the heavy lifting is automated and rest is monitored under human observation.

essay of technology

Food Industry

This is one of the booming industry in the entire world, serving best meals in the most hygienic environment is something everyone would expect. To withstand the growing from the customers, restaurants have implemented new processes with the help of technology. We are witnessing restaurants where the menu is available on your phone or on your reserved table. At your fingertips, you can browse through the entire menu and you can place your order without interacting with any human in between.

How cool is that?

Even we have experienced a tremendous growth in terms of ordering food from your smart phone and you get the food delivered to your doorstep. This is all because of the advancements in the technology.

Education Systems

If you have closely observed there has been a tremendous growth in terms of technology used within the education system as well. We are now able to get tutors online and the course sessions are happening by virtual learning medium. This is one of the greatest gifts that a technology has provided to us. Most of these videos are free of cost and are available for everybody.

Data Storage

We all know how much important our data in today’s world. We used to store all the important information in the form of papers or by copying into CDs or DVD. Now we are in a digital age where all your information is stored on virtual storage spaces and the best part is you can access it from any part of the world.

This has redefined how the entire data storage activities were done previously compared to the digital age. We had technology advancements where the data being secured to the maximum level and only you as an individual has access to it.

This is another milestone that has completely redefine how things were done.

If you closely observe your day to day chorus at some point or the other technology has been used and we unknowingly got used to it so much that we call it as a basic necessity for human being in this digital age.

For every advancement we make as a human being we have always experienced good aspects of it and at the same time bad aspects to it.

Positive Effects Of Technology

As already told every coin has a flip side and technology has too. If these issues or threats are not controlled then it will lead to a disaster to the main kind. Most of the time technology should be used for having a better life and better environment.

Technology has helped a lot of doctors to improve their treatments and procedures and conquered series diseases to a manageable state. For example HIV, Cancer etc. All the data that was gathered from different patients and conditions were analyzed treatment procedures were tweaked which resulted in conquering serious diseases.


With the help of technology, we humans were able to go and see what else is available on the Planet Earth. This has brought us hope and opened our thoughts for various inventions. With the help of technology, mankind has reached to the places where they couldn’t have dared to it by themselves.

essay on technology

Negative Effects Of Technology


This is a flip side of the extensive use of technology. The above two were positive effects of Technology on the world. As most of our information is available virtual it has been a perfect spot for a lot of hackers and criminals stealing billions worth of information.

Technology Advancement

As we have seen a rise in the technology growth and its usage, this has not been spread across other countries. This has resulted in a socio economic war where rich are getting richer and poor are getting into a compromised life.

The benefits of technology have to be equally spread across the globe so that we can avoid socio economic wars within the countries.

Our Life without Technology

Hmmm, looking at the current generation, life without technology would be like Stone Age. Our day to day life chorus has been so attached to the technology unknowingly that it has become nearly impossible to imagine a life without technology.  It got to an extent that we as an individual be very impatient if we are not hooked up with the internet connection.

  1. Ordering food online and getting it delivered will be a nightmare
  2. Communication channel will be like at halt
  3. All the manufacturing units which are automated will stand still resulting in loss of productivity
  4. Traffic, water, electricity management will all come to standstill etc.

So to conclude, we as humans were gifted with an ability to adapt and react. The way we adapt things makes our future. So in this case technology advancement can be utilized for good deeds and at the same time, it can be evil. So it is in our safe hands to protect whatever we have developed so far and try to grow on it rather than dealing with mass destruction.

We hope all of you take benefit of technology related products but don’t get too much attached to it which ultimately makes your life hard.

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