Essay on Teacher – Qualities, Roles and Responsibilities

Essay on Teacher

Essay on Teacher  – “Learners love me; I love my lovers, Searchers look me in an unseen sheet of papers, I am knowledge.”

Essay On Teacher

The definition of the profession of Teacher means that it is the effective and consistent transfer of the relevant and appropriate behaviors that lead to the achievement of predetermined and specific results.

To substantiate the very purpose of teaching, which is the transfer of the knowledge imparted to the students by the guide or the teacher, the guide has to achieve the required amount of perfection as well as the skills to teach the students each aspect of the subjects.

Not only in the field of academics, a good teacher is also considered to be having the ability to inspire the students not only to acquire the knowledge in the field of academics, but he or she is also responsible for imparting to the students to acquire the knowledge of other important fields of the life, even out of the syllabus.

Importance Of Teacher In Lives Of Students

In the traditional model of the education system, all around the world, a teacher has the role of being the expert of the knowledge that is used to inspire the students to achieve their goals in life, both in the personal as well as the professional field.

Essay on Teacher

A student, who will be able to soak up the imparted knowledge from the teacher, will be able to shine in his or her life. If you type in on the search engine for the characteristics of a good teacher on the internet, you will come across the three crucial points, which are the inspiration, empathy, and communication.

Duties and Responsibilities Of Teacher

In the segment above, you have come across the three ideal qualities of a good and responsible teacher. A good teacher will be able to communicate with the students, showing them empathy and inspiring them to move ahead in life.

Since the primary level to the level of the post-graduation, a teacher is needed in each aspect of the world. Even the parents and the grandparents are considered to be the teachers of an individual because they teach a child the values and ethics that are required for him and her to grow up into a good human being.

A good teacher has the basic role and responsibility of being able to impart the importance of values and ethics successfully into the very base of the students’ existence. A good teacher does not only speak, but he or she also listens, understands the point of view of his pupil, and if right, the teacher must also make it a point to praise the student.

In any case, if the teacher finds the student to have improper or incorrect information, then instead of using hurtful words of advice, the teacher shall make it a point to approach the student with words of politeness.

Essay On Teacher – How Teachers Influence Students Life

A good teacher always will be able to inspire the student, by creating a niche for him or her in the student’s life. This notion is not at all a false picture, rather you can perceive it in the practical world, where whenever a student gets to meet a former teacher from his or her school or college or university, he or she stops by to meet and greet the person who has laid the stepping stone of humanity in them.

Famous People Who Used To Teach

  • Rockstar Gene Simmons who was an elementary school teacher
  • Co-founder of the Apple, Steve Wozniak was a public school teacher
  • Teller of the magician duo Teller and Penn was a high school Latin teacher

  • Hugh Jackman was a former gym teacher


Being a teacher comes with a great responsibility, and therefore, this noble profession is counted along with the other prestigious profession like of the Doctors.

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