Essay On Sports

essay on sports

Essay On Sports – The generation today believes in speed. They are so equipped with so many working schedules, that they don’t get time for themselves. In this busy scenario everyone want to stay fit which is not getting possible. Sport can be the only way which helps you with your purpose.

Sport is the most common physical activity which generally involves fun and competition. Whenever you are in a mood to refresh yourself from the trapped life of work, just go outside with your friends and family, play some light sports activity and have fun.

Now-a-days all the offices are equipped with some indoor sports items. Even they organize time to time outdoor games and competition which makes their employees fresh and active.

Essay On Sports

Our lives itself has become a sport activity now. From dawn to dusk we are playing the game of life and office, moving from one way to other. In this busy life schedules who get the time to play with their kids or friends. Sports activities will help you to freshen up your mind and body, and also makes you fit for further activities.


Being involved in various sports activities will benefit a person in so many ways. It not only increases your physical health but it also improves your mental power. Outdoor sports like hockey, football, cricket, badminton, swimming, etc will not only provide exercise to the body but also gives a package of entertainment and fun. A person who is uninterested in any sports activity remains weak and dull.

essay on sports

Also, the indoor games like brain games, Sudoku, Chess, Ludo; etc helps you to sharpen your concentration and improves mental health.

Value of Sports in Life

“A sound body contains a sound mind”. A healthy body is a necessity to achieve success in life. An unhealthy person always remains sad, gloomy, tired and so loses confidence on him.

Sports develop confidence and encourage the spirit of healthy competition. It helps you test your skill, toughness and stamina and then duly improve the same. The sportsmanship spirit enhances many good qualities in your personality. It excels in improving discipline, teamwork and cooperation matters. It sometimes comes in the form of competition. But playing with positive competition will lead you definitely to a new height of success.

Types of Sports

Sports can only be categorized into two types: Indoor games and Outdoor sports. As the name itself clarifies the difference between the two.

Indoor games are those which you have to play inside a room. That room can be your home or a school room or even a club room. People use to play these indoor games when they are prohibited to go outside due to bad weather or when they are occupied with some family functions. These indoor games are card games, board games and table top games. Ludo, Chess, billiards, Snooker, Archery, Table tennis is some of the examples. A few games from this list have made its way to International levels. Vishwanathan Anand, Humpy Koneru, Pankaj Advani, Sharath Kamal are new names for us.

Outdoor games are those which need huge playground to play. Cricket, football, hockey, lawn tennis, Basket ball, Kho-Kho, Volleyball, Wrestling, etc are a few names. Hockey is the national sport of India and we have achieved an international level in this. Recently we increased the virtue of this game by winning the international stage after defeating Pakistan.

Role of Sports in Building Physical Strength

As we discussed that sports play a significant role in the enhancement of our physical strength as well as our mental power. With regular sports activities, our body becomes used to of many kinds of jerks. The immunity increases and we will capable of doing any activity very frequently. Also these games need concentration and willpower. So the mental power will automatically improve.

Sports now a days is not only limited to certain area. Besides giving you mental and physical strength, it also provides you a platform where you can explore yourself to the world.

Sport is not limited to any boundaries of home or school. If you have decided, then you can opt it as your career also. We have a long list of players who had done excellent work in their respectively fields. Saina Nehwal, P.V. Sindhu, Geeta Phogat, Deepika Pallikal, Sachin Tendulkar, M.S. Dhoni, Mahesh Bhupathi, Narain Karthikeyan and many more are not the unknown persons to you.

If have the caliber, you can raise your skills up to any international level too. All the games have different level. You have to achieve every level with the passage of time.

The above examples can give you the idea that the scope of sports is unlimited. You can reach the position of World ranking if you compete through all the levels. Name, fame and world recognition is just a part of your career. You can be a brand if you have that quality.

Health Benefits of Sports

Sporting has the ability to increase our lifespan. It is so because with regular sports activities we encourage our body to act healthy. The health benefits include efficient functioning of heart, improve full blood circulation, lower the hypertension, strengthen our muscles and bones, helps in maintaining your body in perfect shape and make you fit and fine always.

If you compare between a player and a non- player, you will find that the stamina and immune system in a player is much high than a non player. A player remains young for ages because sport helps them remain active.


With this discussion, we can conclude that all the sport activities, whether outdoor or indoor, is very much beneficial for our health. This definitely helps you entertain with your friends and family. It also gives you a fresh mind in an active body. Not only the body but also our spirit becomes light. It teaches us accountability, dedication, concentration, teamwork, leadership and healthy competition skills.

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