Essay on Rainy Season


Essay On Rainy Season- as I typed these words, my mind buzzed with romantic thoughts and my heart skipped a beat. As if it is not enough, the earthy smell and the dark clouds outside calling me to get drenched thoroughly in the rain but it’s not the right time so let’s move on and flood the emotions in this article.

Essay on Rainy Season

essay on rainy season

The Essence of Life

Rainy Season, also known as Monsoon Season, is one of the six seasons classified in India. It alarms its bell generally in the month of June and relief the people from the scorching heat of the summer season. It rejuvenates the people, nature, trees, earth, and everything. The gloomy skies, dark and roaring clouds, thunder winds, and every drop of water falling from the sky are welcomed with open arms.

Dripping water from the wide branches of trees, street overflowed with water, dancing peacocks, blooming flowers, a rainbow in the sky, rising waves in the rivers, the greenery all around, and the muddy trenches are the common sight in Rainy season. This pleasant season continues up to September until the winters bid adieu to it for a year.   

Essay On Rainy Season – Importance of Rainy Season

The rainy season is actually the heart and the soul of all seasons. Rain has the power to stop the pace of life. If it’s raining heavily, the high momentum of life gets pulled up and if it’s not raining at all, the world goes restive and the lands turn into a barren desert. This is the importance of rain. In either way, it can rein in the tempo of the world. India, being an agricultural nation, incredibly depends on the monsoon months.  

Rainy season is not only important for the farmers but also to the every individual on the earth. It is the essence of the life. Other than being the only source of water supplement, rainy season is also a boon to the harvest. Despite numerous scientific methods of farming, without rainy water, you can’t even think about the husbandry. The rainy season brings the human, nature, and the animals back to the life.  The importance of rain doesn’t stop here. It’s only the water that produces the electricity what we essentially need to survive probably even more than the breaths.

Essay On Rainy Season – How Rains are Formed?

I have always been so busy enjoying the rain that this question never crossed my mind.  Thankfully, today, this article made me think about it. Actually, rains are formed by the rains only but in a complex cycle. The raining water is flooded everywhere and gets used in many forms over and over again and during this entire cycle, it converts into vapor. The heat of the sun rays also evaporates the water on the earth. This water vapor gets merged into the atmosphere through evaporation. Ultimately, vapor creates clouds and cloud forms the rain.

Advantages of Rainy Season

Rainy season means the existence of life on the earth. Without rain, there would be no life. While classifying the seasons, God must have chosen this season to make the world dance at its fingertip. Even in the modern technical era, rainy season dominates the life and has many advantages.  


One of the major advantages of rainy season can be seen in the agriculture. Rainy seasons are extremely vital for the agriculture. A balanced rainfall flourishes the nation with crops.  Delayed in Monsoon may cause drought while the excessive rain causes the detriment of all the harvest.  Rain removes the aridity of land and makes them fertile. The first rain washes away the filth and dirt of the lands and enriches them with aluminum. Rainy seasons are the signal that mother earth is ready for the new and fresh yield. Once the crop is sown, raining water rapidly promotes the growth and the cultivation. Especially in India, farmers are immensely depended on the rain for the farming.

Producing Electricity

Another irreplaceable benefit of rainy water is producing electricity. The term of generating electricity from water is called Hydro-Power or Hydroelectricity. Hydro-Power Plants comprise of four components- dams, turbine, generator, and transmission lines. Turbine converts the kinetic energy of falling water into a mechanical energy and then generator converts it into the electrical energy. Thus, electricity is produced from the water and rains are the major source of it.

Drinking Water

Yes, for drinking water. I know, you must be thinking me a jerk. How dirty and unclean water can be used for the drinking? Right?  But believe me, rain water is the water supply for around 90% of the world population. Sometimes, raining water is not hygienic so filtration or boiling the water is the best way to improve the quality of rainwater.

Essay On Rainy Season – Natural Beauty

This benefit of rainy season can’t be ignored even if you want to.  Who would want to live in a desolate and drab world? Thanks to the rainy season that adds beauty to the life. As the rainy season begins, nature starts blooming at its entire vista, grass grows in meadows, the gardens are decked with flowers, trees are weighed down with fruits, and rivers flow creating waves.  Everywhere, there is a picturesque and captivating beauty. Our heart and mind get rejuvenated automatically in the lap of this natural beauty.

Disadvantages of Rainy Season

Well, every coin has two sides. Where there is love, there is hatred, where there is happiness, there is sorrow, where there is caring, there is fight and the same goes with the rainy season. On one side, it is the essence of life but, on other hands, it critically affects the living beings too.

Below are some problems that occur during the rainy season and stagger people’s lives.

  • Remember the heart-wrenching devastation in Uttarakhand in 2013? This is the major disadvantage of rainy season. The heavy deluge of 2-3 days can give birth to the disaster.
  • Too much rain means all the crops got rotten and the fertilizers are washed away from the fields.
  • The uncontrollable flood caused by heavy rainfall ravages unfathomable property, homes, and lives.   
  • If the rain persists for days, life comes to a standstill.  People have to remain indoors only. The businesses and the daily life go jaded and stable.
  • It causes the environmental loss. Many trees and plants get exterminated due to stormy wind and hefty rain.
  • During the rainy season, traffic and lanes are flooded with water. Paths get dirty, slippery and sloppy. So, it becomes hard to step out of the home.
  • Communication network is another major problem during rainy season. There is always a problem in network and communicating is cut off.
  • The poor street dwellers lose their shelter and struggle to spend even a single night.
  • The rainy season brings a plethora of hazardous pollution and diseases along with. It causes erosion, deaths, and havoc.
  • Transport problem is the most vital problem in rainy season. A large amount of rain damages the conditions of roads, bridge gets collapsed and the muddy trenches cause hurdle in commuting.
  • The commodities and the drinking water also get affected by the constant rainfall.

Essay On Rainy Season – Rainwater Utilization and Methods

Rainwater utilization or harvesting is a modern technology used for collecting the rainwater from everywhere with the help of simple techniques such as jars, pots, tanks and other engineered methods. Rainwater utilization system allows people to store a good amount of water. Thus, it also reduces the drainage load and the street flooding.

Today, because of rapidly increasing population, the issue of supplying water to everybody has become probably a national issue. The only solution to this problem is to store rainwater. So, after enjoying the rain and getting drenched in the droplets of rainwater, don’t forget to collect some water. It will definitely help you in an emergency water supply. The Government did a lot to tackle with this problem. Numerous dams, canals, reservoirs, and ponds are excavated which turn out to be the major source of irrigation.

Now, every individual should adopt rainwater utilization system and save the water for an emergency use especially during the natural calamities. There are many techniques that can be implemented. Such as-

  • Simple roof water collection system
  • Land surface catchment
  • Large underground tank
  • Ornamental tank
  • Standard water butt


The rainy season definitely brings myriad of trouble along with and disturbs the daily life enormously. But the fact can’t be denied that the rainy season maintains the life balance on the earth. This season is the boon to the peasants and the requisite for every living being. So, as a whole, the blessings of the rainy season surpass its every drawback.  Rain is the food creator and water giver and of course a reason for happiness. Overall, the entire life cycle on the earth is connected to the rain.

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