Essay On Pollution

Essay on Pollution

The term “pollution” is a widely known problem for the human race.  The term “pollution” has gathered a lot of attention in recent years and it has been a hot topic for discussion at UN. In short, pollution can be defined as a substance or a chemical release into the environment which is dangerous to human and plant life.

They are different forms of environmental pollution: air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, soil pollution etc.

So in this article, you will read about “Environmental Pollution: Sources, Causes, Effects and Solution 

Causes for Environmental Pollution

To be honest, they are a lot of sources that lead to environmental pollution, out of which below listed are vital and aids to overall environmental pollution.

Industrial Pollution

As the technology has skyrocketed, we have seen drastic improvements in every sector. Industrialization has seen its era and a lot of small scales industries have evolved in the due course of time.  During this evolution, mankind has achieved a lot but at the same time started hurting the eco-system with its waste. The first thing that comes on to your mind when we talk about industries is their smoke and harmful wastage. Due to their improper waste disposal management, air and water pollution has been increased a lot and government bodies seem to be bit careless.

Dumping Solid Waste

All the solid waste from households and commercials places contains a big amount of plastic which is one of the most dangerous culprits for pollution.

Pollution From Vehicles

Due to tremendous growth in terms of the automobile industry and availability of these vehicles to average human being has been a necessity to fulfill their daily needs. At the same time, the amount of CO2 emissions to the environments makes it number one culprit for air pollution and noise pollution.

Urban Pollution

Yes, urbanization is also another major contributor to environmental pollution. Most of the youth are looking out for a better living and better life so a lot of families have started moving from their villages to cities. This has aided urbanization. As to keep up with the demand, a lot of parks have been turned down into concrete jungles.

Population Pollution

If we compare the statistics, we take the title of being world’s second largest populated country. To accommodate the growing population, we have witnessed the huge amount of deforestation to make sure supply and demand are intact.

Being Greedy

To yield more profits from the land, a lot of farmers have started using harmful fertilizers and pesticides which cause soil pollution. These fertilizers have been to be used in a certain limit to make sure that crops are well maintained.

Effects of Environmental Pollution

We have so many unseen and unheard effects of environmental pollution. I have listed out few points here below:

  1. Vegetables and the water we drink are being polluted because of the soil and water pollution. Because of this human race is prone to new diseases and immune system has been completely gone down in the newer generations
  2. Thanks to our vehicles, the uncontrolled CO2 emissions lead to a lot of diseases like asthma, lung diseases etc.
  3. Water pollution: Effects the overall immune system of the human body and causes a lot of unknown infections
  4. Ever rising temperatures: Global warming, this is another hot topic that every country is worried about.
  5. Not enough quality water available to drink because of water pollution
  6. Soil pollution directly affects the crop output ratio for the farmers

Solution of Environmental Pollution

If the human race is determined then we can still control this epidemic and make sure we give a clean and green society for our next and younger generations.

  1. Start planting more trees and make sure we have greenery surrounded by each and every home. This way we will be able to increase the greenery part for the society and it will help balance the ecosystem. This is by far and most important aspect that individual can take up in terms of protecting our environment.
  2. Less usage of vehicles which are known for CO2 emits. We need start utilizing alternative renewable sources in our vehicles so that carbon emissions are cut down to the maximum amount and reduce air pollution
  3. Maintaining a cleaner sewage system which is well maintained and make sure that it is not polluting surrounding environment
  4. Start reusing the products that we buy. A lot of things can be achieved with the daily household plastic waste.
  5. Make sure that food waste is disposed of in designated areas only so that it doesn’t lead to any contamination
  6. Start implementing more and more organic farming. Keeping aside the profits one has to look for the health.

Well, these are few solutions that can impact the overall environment pollution problem that we have. Thus intern reduces the effect on Global warming. So we encourage to do your bit and also explain the adverse effects to the younger generation so that they can also the active participant in social programs which can bring the change in the neighborhood.

 At least, this will be a small initiative from our side and this is a good deed that we do for our Environment.

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