Essay On Parrot

essay on parrot

Essay On Parrot – We humans always search out for similarities, like the matching dress and shoes, compatible mentality, even if we call it opposites attract still, humans are comfortable around the people with similar taste.

If you agree to this account, this is a worthwhile stuff to look forward. If you have contradictions stirring up in your mind, then hold on, finish up the blog and trigger your suggestions in the list.

Essay On Parrot

So as we all know that humans are the most superior creatures, but if I say about a domesticated bird which can reciprocate your similarities, yes, I am speaking about a parrot.

Astrology can be the second realm in which you can see the parrot showing its magic. The parrot is a bird which can wonderfully forecast you’re upcoming without even saying a single word in your language. Astonishing stuff? Yes, truly astonishing to be honest. Now let’s take a sneak-peak how astonishing it can be.

Worried about your job? Marriage or any other uncertainty of life then let me say you; your domesticated bird parrot can be relied upon for this.

Parrot Astrology

Now if you think that this bird is just a bird that is to be domesticated then let me say you, this bird has more versatility as well. Parrot is also a part of astrology and fortune telling and is used up quite well by the familiars.

If you are walking to the marina or the velacherry beach in Chennai, you will surely find one or two such astrologers sitting out there with the parrots.

How It Works

So, you will find a parrot astrologer or a fortune teller as such, sitting beneath a tree, on the side of the road. You can find numerous people congregating around him in number.

essay on parrot

We won’t comment on the authenticity for the forecast but yes, belief is what that counts or attracts the mass around him.  You can note a cage beside him containing the caged parrots and tarot cards in front of the astrologer.

Indian cosmic system has 27 notions so you can find exact 27 cards and kundlis, books spread out there. Each card has different images which are present there on the card. The images of Virgin Mary, deities are inscribed on the cards.

The parrot comes out of its cage picks up a card and the future is forecasted on the basis of the card picked up by the parrot. So this is the complete procedure how it works.

Essay On Parrot – Indian Parrot

Parrots also have different variants as a whole. Let’s have a look at the Indian parrot as a whole.  Indian parrots are also known as ring neck parrots, known as rose ringed parakeets.

You can find them in different colors as well. And these birds can be seen migrating to different places as a whole, like Africa, Malaysia etc and turn out to be major tourist attractions. The different colours signify their age and suitability of their habitats.

Can A Parrot Really Talk?

Now if you ask me this question, let me say you, that parrots are birds and have the same features like the other birds in the animal system, but yes domesticated animals or animals as a whole can be tamed and  can be made to do stuffs which is like that of humans as we can see in the circuses. So yeah, if you are going through that particular policy you can make a parrot speak.

Parrot My Pet Bird

Pets can be the best companions who can be the ones who can be with you and eradicate the vices of your isolation. If parrot is your pet bird, you are sure to find a friend in it and a beauty which you can appreciate as well.

Nothing can be more pleasing than the step stone or the creations of nature, so parrot being one, can be adored well.

Essay On Parrot – Conclusion

Parrot is a versatile bird for sure if you have gone through this context but this versatile bird can bring in a versatile link of abstractions in emotions as well to hold on to. These are best pets and the ones who can take you over the ride of boredom and solitude.

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