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essay on my father

Essay on My Father – I guess, to date, the maximum number of essays has been written on the topic- ‘My Father’. In my schools, I have written probably more than 100 essays on my father and today again, this article gave me a reason to remember all the sacrifices that my father made just to see his daughter smiling. Some relations are bound with a string of profound love and unfaltering trust.

The relation between a father and his child is one of them. A father is a man who loves his children unconditionally, makes them smile in the cost of his all happiness, fights with whole world just to stand by his children, raises them to be a civilized person sacrificing everything of his life, and works every day to the point where exhaustion kicked in just to give all the comforts to his children.

Essay on My Father

In everyone’s life, the importance of his/her father is immeasurable, indispensable, and interminable. Fathers are the cornerstone of emotional well-being and mental development of the children.

Generally, people perceive children to get love and emotions from mother and actions and duties from a father. But research says the children whose father gets emotionally involved with them are likely to have higher self-esteem than the children whose fathers are rigid.

Fathers are the perfect caretaker, disciplinarian, teacher, true love of every girl and staunch pal of every boy. A father contributes enormously in his child’s cognitive, social, language, and physical development.

essay on my father

A father plays the role of lover, friend, mentor, guardian, caretaker, and teacher at the same time. He provides his children a sense of well-being, security, high self-esteem, and a feeling of being blessed.

My Father, My Hero

Being the only daughter, I’m more attached to my father as compared to my mother. My mother is my best friend and I open up all my secrets in front of her. But when it comes to father, he is something more than that.

He is the only person in my life who I respect, love, follow, and obey with all my heart. I like the way he speaks, moves, dresses, behaves, and especially his approach towards life. He always says me ‘Be happy in what you have and be grateful for that’. This single line of him has given me the biggest Mantra (secret) to lead a happy life.

He has instilled in me the understanding of duties and relationships, discipline, confidence to move ahead constantly, a power and aspiration to touch the sky, and love and compassion for others.

He taught me the real happiness is making others smile. He taught me a good education is not about achieving 99% grades every time rather, nourishing your inner soul every other day in the terms of values, principles, character, and happiness. He fuelled me with the principles to be independent and respect others. Appreciate and cherish every little thing.

My father shares a very deep, steadfast, and faith-filled relationship with me. He might not be the best person in the world but he means the world to me. He is my forever love, caretaker, hero, role model, and foremost a friend.

Life with Father VS Life without Father

Life is fun and carefree as long as you’re under the soaring mountain of love and care of your father.  Let’s see the both aspects of life with and without a father.

Life with Father

  • A father provides the emotional, financial, physical support to his kids. He enhances the self-esteem and intellectual power in his children.
  • Children feel loved and protected. They don’t have to care about anything. They know their father will handle every problem coming to their way.
  • Having a father helps children to perform better in academics, make their identity, and lead a healthy and well-off life.
  • The active involvement of fathers with children lowers down the chances of child’s early sexual activity, suicide, depression, loneliness, academic failure, and adult criminality.
  • The presence of a father facilitates to achieve your goals, moral, social, physical, and mental development.
  • Children have someone to look up to and ask for the advice anytime. You even won’t need to tell him your problem. He can read your face and solve the problem accordingly.
  • The most important benefit of having a father is that you grow up in a disciplined manner. He teaches you to behave properly and conduct yourself decently.

Life without Father

  • In the absence of a father, children and the family are more likely to go through the financial struggle at some point in life.
  • Without father, children always feel themselves insecure, inferior and nobody gives them the respect that they deserve.
  • There is always lack of emotional, financial, and physical support. Children feel themselves alone in the world.
  • The absence of a father might turn the children indulging themselves in alcohol, drugs, sexuality, and other such activity.
  • The dearth of money can make them commit any crime including the murders.
  • The children without the father are likely to be undisciplined, riotous, and ill-mannered.
  • The children who don’t have their father have to struggle hard to get a good education and earn the reputation in the society.

Father’s Day, its Origin and Importance

Father’s Day is celebrated in all over the world to recognize the contributions, sacrifices, and the importance of fathers in the lives of human beings. This day gives a reason to people to thank their father for making their life worth living.

The origin point of this special day is still unknown and disputed but the common held view is that it was first introduced by the US in 1910.  A US woman named Sonora Smart Dodd is believed to have started this wonderful day.

She was inspired by the Mother’s Day and just to give equal honor to the fathers, she came up with this idea.

Even the celebration date of this day is not fixed. It is celebrated on the distinct dates globally. The most of the world observe this honorable day on the 3rd Sunday of June. In India too it is celebrated on the same day.

In some countries, this day has been even given the honor of being a National Holiday. However, in India, it’s not this much revered.  The main idea of this day is to thank your father sincerely for everything and make him feel special on his day.

10 interesting Lines on my Father

  • My Father reminds me every time that no matter, how depressing a situation is, you have the power to go through it.
  • He provides me guidance, emotional support, and a sense of being safe and secure.
  • Whenever I feel nervous, lost or lacking confidence, he reassures and reminds me of my potentials.
  • Even in my little accomplishments, he makes me feel as if I have won the world by telling me how proud is he.
  • He always narrates the interesting and motivating stories of his childhood and youth. His every thrilling story has something to learn.
  • Whenever I’m not doing well professionally, he gives an extra push by his treasured advice and love.  
  • I trust him like anything and he does the same. I know my father will leave never my hand even if the world goes against me.
  • I share my every happiness and sorrow with him. Be it personal or professional issue, my father is the best mentor for me.
  • He cheers me up every time saying she is my crown, my little princess. He is that amazing person who I can talk after a tough day.
  • One day I’ll belong to someone else but my soul, my identity, and my values will always belong to my father only. No matter, how far I’ll go but my heart will always remain with him.


Maybe, God wanted to show the world the soft and melting corner of a man that’s why he created this relation which is an epitome of love, sacrifices, care, support, and discipline. A life without a father would be like a house without the roof.

In my dictionary, there exists no word to express the gratitude for what my father did to me. The heap of his sacrifices is so high that the word ‘thanks’ seems nix. Still, I’ll say ‘Thank you Papa for everything. I love you moon and back and will always do’.

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