Essay on My Best Friend – Who Shares Everything !

Essay on My Best Friend – “My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me”- Henry Ford

A best friend is the best blessing that one can count. Having a best friend in life makes life beautiful and provides strength that keeps you going through every difficult phase.

Life becomes easy with someone constant with whom you can share every bit of your daily lifestyles. Certain friendship starts from early childhood and stays strong till the grave, while some get lost in time.

Essay on My Best Friend

A best friend may not know you for a long time, but knows everything about you in the shortest time. Best friends have a special power of knowing everything just by looking at you.

They also have an extraordinary talent of annoying you, disturbing you and finally making your days beautiful.

essay on my best friend

It is difficult to measure the importance of best friend in life. It is a known fact that no one cares for you like a best friend after you family. A best friend is the extended family that you have.

Have you wondered how would life be without a best friend?  Life would be very difficult and very painful. There are certain things that you can’t discuss with your parents, with siblings, cousins or even with your partner.

But with a best friend, it is always easy to share anything. A best friend never judges you. He or she believes in you and is like a guide who constantly monitors everything that you do.

Thus, they provide you with the best solutions possible to any situation. A best friend never leaves you alone in crisis; they laugh with you, cry with you, fight with you but at the end of the day cannot live without you.

Best friends, at a certain point of time, plays the role of a father, mother or even the best enemy, but all because to keep you safe and sound.

My Best Friend Is My Best Part Companion

At different stages of life, a best friend plays different roles. As a child, a best friend is a partner in crime and a savior from every mischief. However, a best friend always plays this role at every stage. Remember how you and your best friend fought over ice-cream at ice-cream stalls as a child, or as you grew up to be a teenager, how he or she rejected your first crush. Your best friend was the only solace you had when you broke your heart for the first time, they supported you, guided you and picked you up. A best friend knows your need; understand you better than you understand yourself. They have been the witness of your first cigarette, first date, first love and several thousand firsts of your life. A best friend is the strongest pillar one has in his or her life.

Essay on My Best Friend – 10 Interesting Lines On My Best Friend

Most interesting things that every best friend does are listed below. Check out if yours have all these traits:

  • You are so similar that you should have been brothers or sisters
  • You hate the same men and the same women. From beer to a bag you have the share the same taste.
  • You have nothing to fear about in life, as you know you have an army, and that’s your best friend.
  • A good friend might know your stories but your best friend has lived them with you as he or she is a part of everything that you have been.
  • Code language is a must. This is the smartest way to discuss the most socially awkward things at the most crowded place.
  • There is no house party at a best friend’s place; it is walking in your second home, with your best friend at your service 24×7.
  • You and your best friend have the same fluency of sarcasm and you wash other people away with it together.
  • You cannot tolerate tears. A drop of tear from your best friend’s eye can cause the loss of a tooth from the person who made the terrible thing happen.
  • You don’t have a two am conversation; you walk into an entirely new galaxy at two am with your best friend.
  • With a best friend around, you don’t need anyone else in life to share your days with.

Essay on My Best Friend – Friendship Forever

Every best friend takes the secret vow of loving each other and staying it other for a lifetime and beyond. If there is something eternal after parents love is the love of best friend. Having a relationship so strong forever, is certainly the best boon one can have.


Best friends are very important. As we know, a man’s best friend is his dog. But there are certain people in life who are as loyal and faithful and dedicated like a dog. So, if you have a best friend who is a dog, or a human best friend, or both, consider yourself the luckiest person alive.

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