Essay On Love

essay on love

Essay On Love – Experiences can be said to be a catalyst which initiates development in any individual. Development in terms of cognition, responsiveness, coherence, thinking, conclusions and many more prefaces are present as well. Have you ever wondered that what is the factor that distinguishes humans from animals and robots? The answer is nothing but the power of abstraction, i.e., emotions. And we all know the mightiest of all the emotions, which makes a framework for any human, lies upon the word, Love.

Love Definition

“Abstract Emotion which adds a meaning to our life- Love.”

Essay On Love

We got know that love rules over the emotions. But what is the actual meaning of this abstraction?

essay on love

If you are confused with the idea of love or you don’t know how love can be justified as the alliteration of our lives? Then this article is a must read for you.

Meaning of Love

A deep, feeling of fondness and affection which drives the mind of a human. It can be even consider as a promoter which is present in the human mind which is dependent on expectations, care, understanding, trust and much more factors. It is something that fulfills you at the best.

Ever felt the feeling when you can cross over seas just for a smile from the person you admire? Yes, that magical feeling is love.

Ever felt that someone’s tears have struck you hard as if it’s you who is wounded? If yes, then you have felt the feeling.

Love comes up with a number of phrases like pain, compromise, sacrifice and a lot more but this can also be the best feeling to have. So, now let’s take a look why love is quite an important feeling which benefits us.

Importance – Essay On Love

  1. It helps you grow- Growing along with your partner, mentally and physiologically can be a wonderful experience. It can help you discover yourself and redefine yourself at a better level.
  2. Exploring together- The defeats and triumphs which you face with the person you love can help you to explore each other’s integral self which remains shackled due to the pace of time.
  3. The best comes out- Two people can complement each other in a relationship and as well as this can help in bringing out the best sides of the two people in a relationship.
  4. You get a mentor and a support system- If you are with a partner who loves you and aims to be your stick then trust me, you are the luckiest of the lot. You can get a mentor, guide and a guardian in form of your partner.
  5. It either built you or turns out to be an effective lesson for life- In the previous segments I made it clear that how love can be the effective medicine for progress, annotation etc. Now let me say how it can also turn out to be the effective lesson, either it moulds you for sustaining life or it teaches to stand still against the harsh realities of life.

Teenage Love – Essay On Love

Love is not dependent on age or numbers but, teenage love is one of those pleasant memories which have a place in our lives for a life time. The feeling of inclination for someone for the first time, crushes, admirations and these small stuffs make this teenage love even more beautiful. It helps brings a lot of exploration to both the teenagers and also helps them gradually towards the harsh realities of life.


The idea or the word which comes just after the feeling of “Love” is nothing but the concept of marriage. Now as we are all aware of, marriages are of two types- Love and arrange marriages. Now as we were looking into the concept of love, then we can completely see that love marriages are related to our topic.

So let’s see how love marriages are better than the arrange marriages.

Love Marriages Are Better

  1. You know your spouse better.
  2. You get a chance to be someone with whom you are comfortable.
  3. You have your emotions for your partner so the chance of stable marriage is more.
  4. It helps to be a factor of success for both the partners.
  5. It also helps in better understanding and trust factors.

Important Quotes

  • “Where there is love, there is life.”
  • “Love is like the seed which helps you to grow into a fruit.”
  • “Nothing compliments more than love.”


Love is one of the most beautiful feelings which are meant to be experienced. But always remember,”Excessive love can be harmful. Love yourself, explore yourself and compliment yourself that is what that makes you a more lovable being.”

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