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essay on knowledge

Essay On Knowledge – Knowledge is the biggest abstraction which rules the lives of every Individual.  We often find certificates, marks, and scores ruling over the concept of knowledge in the present education system but, what shows the insight of a particular individual?

It is nothing but the depth of knowledge in a particular individual which show the materialistic ground of his or her persona to be more precise. It can be compared as a physical force which instigates freedom of expression in a human and helps it to stand out as the best creation of God.

Essay On Knowledge

The judgmental notion of the individual gets a stand only if he is knowledgeable enough to highlight his points properly. If we look into the span of immemorial times, we will admit that humans have a strong desire to attain power.

Knowledge Enlightens And Empowers The Mass

And let me say you, the most effective power that rules life is knowledge. Knowledge has made up fly to moon, turn up to a proper civilization. If you take a look at the primitive ages, you will see that they were unaware of the stuffs of nature and living and therefore victimized to huge extends during storms and other calamities.

essay on knowledge

Even you will admit that many civilizations ended due to such calamities. Therefore we can easily get the synopsis how important knowledge is in our lives.

Essay On Knowledge – How To Gain Knowledge

Knowledge can be gained by different processes. There will be the list of best five ways to gain knowledge

  • Knowledge from experiences– Whatever we face in life , we can relate it to a particular lesson to remember, it can either be triumph or a failure but what remains constant is the experience which we gather as a whole. This experience imparts us knowledge about life, which is very essential for the long run.
  • Knowledge from books– Now books are like the storehouse of knowledge, this is the permanent place for all the knowledge seekers even the most easiest and convenient way as a whole.  The book which we read, the concept is inculcated from the observations and experiences of the writer which again pectoris somewhat the reality.
  • Knowledge from social networks– Okay, so for the leading generation, being social in chat rooms is more familiar than being social in the playground and stuffs. Mingling with people leaves us at a point where we learn a good preface about life and the psychology which surrounds us on daily account.
  • Knowledge from the search engines– Now we rarely go up to the teacher or dictionary to search for the unknown, but the option we go for is Google, Yahoo and the other search engines. Therefore they are again a good source of knowledge to look out for.
  • Peer knowledge– We segregated this particular point because, this plays quite a vital role in our lives to be honest. The good or bad peer who accompanies us and helps us to relate the experience and the lessons of life which impart huge knowledge about different niche of life.

Essay On Knowledge – Wealth Benefits Of Knowledge

  • It helps you to execute any managerial positions easily if you are tactically knowledgeable. This can help you in a good financial hike.
  • Teachers impart knowledge and therefore they benefit respect, honor and financial support as well.
  • You learn to deal with people, which again increase your cognitive and social development.
  • You turn out to be innovative and can trigger new invent for sure.

10 Interesting Lines On Knowledge Is Power

  1. “Knowledge is the key to unlock the lock of success.”
  2. “Certificates show your day’s performance, knowledge weighs your depth.”
  3. “Knowledge is like chocolate filling, without which the chocolate cone of life is meaningless.”
  4. “In the rollercoaster of life, knowledge is the best swing to cling you in the ride.”
  5. “In the advent of life, always remember, the staircase is, experience and knowledge.”
  6. “Which abstraction stays for a lifetime? Proudly answer, knowledge.”
  7. “What are you made up of? Defeats, triumphs and a lot of knowledge about dealing with the two.”
  8. “You don’t look good, if you don’t accessories knowledge.”
  9. “You look dumb even in your best outfit, if knowledge is not sprayed well on your personality.”
  10. “Sugar is sweet, hair can be messy but above maintenance of looks, knowledge is more graceful.”

So, your knowledge defines your personality. Be knowledgeable enough to take the best decisions and walk in the best way in the ramp of life, which has hinges to blow you down. Patience, calmness and knowledge is the key to fight up in this scorching race.

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