Essay On Internet

essay on internet

Essay On Internet or WWW (World Wide Web) is one of the greatest creation of the mankind. It has helped the individuals to make their life better, comfortable and more importantly accessible.

In this current digital world, we cannot imagine a life without internet. This is because the internet has been a part and parcel of our daily activities somehow or the other and at this point, it is really difficult to overcome the habit.

Essay On Internet

The Internet has been part of our daily chorus in this digital age. This is one of the most important things that everyone looks after and be very impatient if they have it.

Well, the reason behind this is because each and every activity that we do in our day to day life internet has played an important role. It made our life easier.

Importance Of Internet In Our Daily life

internet in our life


The use of Internet is tremendous and the activities that an individual can do on the internet depends on their needs and requirements.

Below are few examples where the internet plays an important role in enhancing human life to a maximum extent.

Connect The World

The Internet is a boon for individuals who are tech savvy and enthusiasts who crave for latest updates. With the help of ever growing smartphone market, internet usage has been skyrocketed.


A lot of video tutorials are available for individuals who are keen on improving their skills or try something different. “YouTube” is one of the most popular social media platforms which hosts trillions of video tutorials where individuals like you can access with the help of Internet and enhance yourself.


With help of internet, communication barrier has been completely conquered. We can now get in touch with any individual irrespective of their location. Individuals can do voice calls and video calls for free and all this is happening because of the wide use of Internet.

Information Transaction

All the paper based information is completely transformed and got to electronic mails, i.e. e-mail.

Use of internet has completely changed the way we used to live our life. Now everything is available at finger tips and things happen in a fraction of seconds.

Use of internet has reduced our daily efforts and made us comfortable in many aspects, like the automatic door closed, automatic climate control within the apartment etc.

Benefits Of Internet

The internet is one of the greatest creation of the mankind and provides an endless access to knowledge and entertainment. Below are few benefits of using the Internet.


essay on internet


Endless Learning Experience

As said previously, the internet is a medium for endless access to knowledge and it creates an opportunity to learn new skills and update the current skills. The availability of this information is key and it can be accessed by each and every one

Communication and Connectivity

Information transaction is done seamlessly and it does in a fraction of seconds, unlike traditional mails.

Address and location Mapping

With the help of GPS technology and internet, finding out a new place is like a piece of cake. With these tools, one can reach any particular destination without any difficulty. For example Use of Google Maps to find out address and also real time traffic information

Banking and Shopping

With the help of the internet, it is made possible to view and double check your bank transactions at your convenience. With the ever growing craze of e-commerce platform, individuals have started buying goods online. All this is enabled because of internet access.

Selling and Making Money Online

They are a lot of e-commerce portal that an individual can join as a merchant and sell their goods for a good price.

Also, the internet is also a perfect place to make money online by taking general surveys or by listening to music.

Yes, it is true. You can still make money online but one has to be patient to find an authentic business.

Work From Home Options

This has been the biggest boon for employees where they can still be connected to their business virtually.

Donations and Charity

Internet being a wide network, there is no need to worry whenever you need a helping hand. We have witnessed some tremendous examples where a lot of helping hands came forward to help the needy.


The Internet has access to endless entertainment, you get to watch all your favorite soaps and able to watch and listen to your favorite movies and songs.

Data Storage

With the help of internet and technology, each and every one has a virtual space to store their valuable information electronically and can access it at any point of the time.

Disadvantages of Internet

Every invention that mankind has developed so far has a negative aspect to it. If this is not controlled then it will lead to mass destruction.

Uncontrolled access of data

Most of the time only youngsters fall into the prey. The Internet is a space where one can access all types of information.  A research has stated that most of the youngsters had access to the internet and they use it to watch or involve in porn.

Getting sexual education from parents or from self-study is always good but getting exposure towards porn at an early age and not the right way is the biggest disadvantage of the internet.

Online Fraud

The Internet is a host of all cyber crimes where hackers or cyber criminals mine personal data like credit cards and debit cards and use it for online shopping without the card holder notice.

essay on internet

If your PC or laptop doesn’t have an Antivirus then it is prone to virus, malware etc. which eventually affects your computer performance.

Health Issues

The Internet is addictive in nature and most of the time is spent indoor. Doing this over time will result in weight gain as there is no physical movement involved.

Development of IT with the Internet

The Internet has played an important role in terms of overall development within the society.

  1. With the help of 24/7 surveillance and internet, the crime rate has gone down drastically and even though a crime is committed then there is always a clue available.
  2. Social cause awareness programs conducted by governments are hugely relying on internet medium and social media.
  3. Education systems have been improved drastically with the help of internet.
  4. Economic growth has been witnessed by adopting online payments where most of the transactions happen with the help of internet.
  5. Understanding the benefits of the internet, governments are hugely investing in terms of making their operations smoother and easy with the help of internet. Now as a citizen you will be able to access your documents or request your documents online rather standing in long standing queues.

If you have access to the internet you have everything available at your fingertips, either it is good or bad you have it all. It depends upon us an individual and as a society to make sure what we do better for the environment rather than destroying it.

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