Essay On India – India as the cultural hub

Essay On India

Essay On India – A short trip to India will surely change the entire outlook of your life. From the striking and eye-catching color of the handicrafts to scores of dance forms, from the enchanting hills and mountains of the Himalayas to the mesmerizing blue seas surrounding the three sides of the country; from the dry arid desert to the wettest place in Asia, India has it all. The country has everything in its sleeves to offer to a traveller.

Essay On India – Why India Is The Paradise For The Travellers?

Essay On India

India’s Historical Importance: The rulers that came down the line and formed a habitable place

The Stone Age rock shelters with the cave paintings that are found in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhimbetka speak of the oldest traces of human civilization in India. The first settlement of the human civilizations is dated back to 9000 years ago which gradually developed into something we know by the name of Indus Valley Civilization, which dated back to 3400 BC in the Western part of India.

From the Vedic Period of India, the foundation of Hinduism, the main religion of India came into being. Then came the division of India in the form of the Mahajanapadas, or independent republics.

Under the rulers like Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka, Guptas, India extended up to a vast area of the continent of Asia which led many foreign invaders like the Mughals and the British colonial rulers to step on t this bountiful land and then rule on this Mother Nature’s wondrous country.

Essay On India – The Indian Flag

The National Flag of India is rectangular. This flag is also known as Tirangaa or Tri-Color, because there are three broad stripes of the colors saffron, white and green, each signifying sacrifice-selflessness; truth-purity and youth-energy.

There is also a blue Ashok chakra with 24 spokes that speaks of India’s unity, pride, and freedom, along with honesty, justice, and victory. The national flag was adopted on the day when India proclaimed Independence in the year 1947, at the 15th Day of August.

A Short Peek Into The Culture Of India

India, on the global platform, is famous for being a civilized home for its billions of inhabitants. It is the largest democracy as well as the secular country of the world which holds the record for housing one of the world’s oldest and largest civilizations.

The vital aspects of the Indian culture and civilization are good manners, etiquette, rituals, respect, values and biggest of all, spirituality. Peace is the adhesive factor in India that binds together the people by helping them to follow their beliefs, traditions, and cultures.

India As The Largest Secular Country Of The World

India is the known home of at least nine of the recognized religions of the world. The major religions that are found to be practiced in this colorful country are Hinduism, Christianity, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam, Baha’i, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, etc.

The Indian Constitution believes in the freedom of religion which gives each inhabitant of the country to freely practice their ritualistic customs.

The Campaign Of Make In India

The Make In India campaign is a newly launched program by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

This plan gives the Indian craftsman, technicians, artists and even the entrepreneurs of nearly all fields to invest their money and talent to set up a business of their own, ruling out the dependence of the country on foreign supplies.

This initiative of the Government is to fuel up the domestic companies in both the national as well as the international level focusing on employing the youth of India. The campaign flagged off on the 25th Day of September, in the year 2014.


The five thousand-year-old rock solid civilization stands concrete strong in the bountiful lap of Mother Nature. If ever you get to witness and exhale the beauty of this country by visiting this country, at least for once in your lifetime, you will be sure to get mesmerized by its enriched culture and customs. There are so many things to see, to do, to witness and to exhale that will give you the memory of a lifetime.

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