Essay on Honesty

Essay on Honesty

Essay on Honesty – Honesty is the moral feeling in the person which makes him/her true and loyal towards others. It means the one can be truthful for his work and talks and behaviour which he does to others.

Essay on Honesty

Essay on Honesty


People lives in society, and society is the name of group of persons, they live is society with each other and their daily behavior and nature decides that how much they are honest with others whether in job, at home or any other city.

Your honesty shows your nature and your abilities, so honesty is the important feature in an individual and it comes from inside from the bottom of heart.

Honesty is the name of your actions or how you act or react, there are many things you do in a day, and from inside you know very well that you are doing wrong it means you are not honest, and morally it is not right so one should have to learn how to react with others with truthfulness and loyalty.

Why Honesty is Important

Being honest is not as easy as it looks or feels, if you are honest it means you are choosing never to lie, never to cheat or deceive others in any condition. There are several reasons which show that why honesty is important:

Essay on Honesty

  1. Honesty is the second name of trust; if you are not honest in your relationships then it won’t be long lasting.
  2. Honesty demands for not to lie to anybody, which makes you true person without any mask or fakeness in you.
  3. If you are quite honest then you would be also sensitive then easily you can’t hurt someone, and for any reason if you hurt someone then at the time you will realize this that you did wrong.
  4. Being honest improves your relations and connections, with people.
  5. If you are honest then people trust you strongly which is a positive point for you and your image.
  6. Cheating and deceiving is a sin, but if you are honest then you can’t this to anyone.
  7. Honesty leads you to path of truthiness and makes you more spiritual and loyal.  

Honesty in Children and Students for a better Growth

Honesty is the good policy and important factor for better growth, especially for children and students. Children are the maker of society and they are upcoming stars of world, so they must have known the value of honesty from their childhood, and teacher and parents should teach them how to be honest and not to lie.

Children are innocents and learn the things very quickly then elders, because in early childhood they have fresh mind and guts for learning and teaching about new things.

Firstly the parents are first teacher for child, and they should tell the child that not to lie, sometimes it happens that if child is telling lie or stealing then parents get happy on his mischief, but that time they have no idea that they are encouraging the child into wrong direction.

So there are many methods through you can teach children and students about benefits of honesty

  1. From the very beginning all of family members must to teach the child that he/she should not tell lie, it is not good, but with love and affection, not by scolding to child.
  2. For Children and students family members and teachers are ideal persons, they get inspired from them faster than anybody else, so family and teachers must presents the examples of honesty in front of child, so that they can learn from you.
  3. You can make any games and sports ideas through your child can easily understand the value of honesty, and if he shows honesty then you should reward him that he/she can encourage for this again.
  4. In school teachers must know the physiology of children, and they can tell their class about honesty by examples.
  5. Time to time school management must arrange the programs and skit or play through they can teach students that honesty is great policy, and it help you for better growth.    

Honesty is the Best Policy

The world famous author and founding father of USA Benjamin Franklin has said that “Honesty is Great Policy”.

Your character decides everything about you and your nature. Honesty is not the outer thing which you can purchase or can borrow from anybody else and become successful, it is the thing which comes and born inside your soul and heart.

Our history tells us about many stories about honesty and truthfulness. The king or the emperors or common ministers in past time has got victory with their valuable factor of honesty, and whomever shows dishonesty and lie, cheating or fraud to others at last he have to face the trouble.

Telling lie or cheating is very easy, and for some time you can save yourself from critical situation, but this is not for long lasting, at last you have to face the truth and that that time you feel complex and guilty about what you done, so it is better to accept the truth and honesty in beginning, and teach others about the benefits of honesty.

Because honesty is best policy and one can’t be successful or able to achieve own goal.

Honesty is Rewarded or Discarded

Honesty is the reward itself and carries itself many of definition and you will found many of books and lectures and stories about honesty, but the question is that are you really honest with yourself.

Essay on Honesty

If you have done something wrong which you know inside that morally it wasn’t right, but you are convincing yourself, and trying to defending yourself, then how can be you are honest with yourself.

And this thing is applicable on every person whether child or adult, girl or boy or old people. Honesty doesn’t depends on age or come by experience, it is the moral value which must have in everybody.

If you want to become successful or want your good image in society, or make people follow your principle then you must be honest first, after that teach anybody else.

Example: you are playing with your friends and by any reason your friend’s any toy slips into your bag and you know that the toy is not yours, then there will be two ways for you- either you keep the toy without telling your friend and will go home, or the second you inform your friend about that by mistake your toy slip in my bag please take it, defiantly the second way is the honesty and may be in reward you won your friend’s trust. But if you see first one if you done this, then you will not feel good for that because toy was not yours, and if your mom asks you about that then you will tell her lie also, and if any day your friend will come to know about this then he will never going to trust you again, and you will lose your friend.   


Life is so small and uncertain, and living with honesty fill your life with peace and inner satisfaction, which is very important. Honesty makes us good, loyal, and famous in our family and friends.

A person who is honest and never cheat or deceive with others becomes more successful. Honesty is great policy, and important for better growth, many of studies has proven that the seed of honesty sprouts in early age, the childhood decides your nature and honesty, so parents and teachers must aware for that what they are teaching, and what would be their effect in future.

Do not play cheating games with others, because one day it will come to you, and then guilty and regression will be only your partners.

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