Essay on Holi

Essay On Holi

Holi is one of the famous festivals of Hindus which is celebrated in India with colorful colors and a great splurge. Holi is generally celebrated in the month of March, when winter ends and spring starts means pure delightful season for an occasion.

Essay On Holi

According to Hindu calendar Holi festival comes in the month of Phalgun which is known as most pleasant season of the year because nature become also beautiful scenery with lots of blossoming flowers and trees get their new leaves. There is no cold and no hot feeling in weather and you can smell the odor of pretty flowers in the air. Holi is considered as the festival of love and togetherness and happiness, and those colors are the symbol of colorful and happy life for human.

History & Importance of Holi

There is a popular story is famous behind Holi festival. Just before one day of Holi, a huge bonfire has been arranged by Hindus for burning. It is said that thousands of years ago there was a boy who was great devotee of lord Vishnu named Prahlad. But his father Hiranyakashipu was against it, but Prahlad always denied his father’s commands and keep on the worship of Lord Vishnu, so his father HiranyaKashipu send a message to his sister named Holika for destroying Parhlad, and she did lot of efforts for that but got failed every time, so at last Holika arranged a bonfire and sat on it with Prahlad on her lap, after some time Holika got burned and died and Parhlad got saved with the mercy of lord Vishnu and after some time Hiranyakashyap was killed by Lord Vishnu. So from then Holi became the festival of true victory over falsehood. That’s why people celebrate Holika Dahan before Holi and after one day plays Holi with colors.

Holi – Colorful Festival

Holi is the most adorable festival of India and Nepal and also included those countries where Hindus are living. Holi is also known as the occasion of lots of colors. People wait whole year to celebrate Holi. They make much kind of dishes at their home; invite each other for feast and exchange gifts with each other. Hindus have the huge population of India and if they have chosen any festival as prior occasion for celebration then there must be appropriate reason behind it. Holi is the traditional and religious festival for Indians and their sentiments are connected with that. Holi celebration is different in every state, different rituals and different traditions. But the intention behind it is same that the evil always loses and truth always wins. You can see in every corner of streets and home with colorful people having different color on their faces and they are dancing with music and singing and somewhere beverages have been arranged for them. Whether girls or boys or women or man everybody having enjoying in own way, there is no discrimination of cast or poor and rich, when you are celebrating then you can put color whomever you want. This is the specialty of Holi festival and as well as the India.  

There are many kind of Holi is popular in different parts of India like Lathmar Holi which is celebrated in Uttar Pradesh, in Barsana, Phool or flowers Holi, Khadi Holi in Uttarakhand, Basant Utsav in West Bengal, Shigmo in Goa, Yaoshang in Manipur, Manjal Kuli in Kerala, Phaguwa in Bihar, Phakuwah in Assam, and Rang Panchami in Maharashtra etc. as you can see that names are different, tradition can be different, language can be different but celebration is one that is Holi.

Holi Celebrations

Holi is celebrated with glee and joy. After celebrating the Holika Dahan, people get ready for next day, from early morning they take different kind of color and throw or put it on faces of their family members and friends. The color are made with natural things and extract of flowers but it should be branded, the cheap color can harm your skin so it would be better that do not use them. People also uses Pichkari, generally it is the water gun, what you simply do that add some dark color powder in water mix it well and fill it into the Pichkari and throw this to all. This is just the part of fun and entertainment especially for children, much kind of Pichkaris could be available easily in the market before Holi festival. There is no particular timing is fixed for playing Holi, you can play it till you do not tired. People use to go their relatives houses for coloring them. When you feel that you have done the all then you can come home and take a bath, after that people use to wear new cloths and go to each other home for meeting them, many guests also come to your house and you serve them sweets and any other dishes. This is also the part of tradition.

Holi - Festival Of Joy

Holi – Festival of Colors

  1. Holi is the festival of joy and happiness.
  2. Holi is celebrated in the memory of great devotee Prahlada and his dedication towards his lord.
  3. On Holi festivals priests of temples also put colors to statues of gods and wish them Holi.
  4. People wish each other Happy Holi on that day.
  5. Holi is an ancient festival which has been celebrated from thousands of years.
  6. People make many dishes on Holi and clean their houses and office and shops.
  7. Holi is the day of official holiday in India.
  8. It is also called Fanghua because Holi comes in the month of Phalgun.
  9. People put powder color which is called Gulal on each other face.
  10. In many areas a special beverage called Bhang Thandai also being arranged for people.


Holi is the festival of love and happiness and dominant and prominent occasion of India. There are lots of color, dance, music and passion included Holi in people. But still there are many things to worry about that on this day some people drink whiskey and play nasty things which are forbidden, some people gamble or some of take drugs on the name of festival. This is wrong how they can forget that Holi is the pious and pure festival which is celebrated in the memory of a devotee, and it is the festival of victory of truth over evil, so they must avoid such things, and guide other people for that, and must play peacefully and joyously. Every festival has its own importance so that Holi is. If anybody do not willing to play or don’t want to put color then you must not force him/her because it is against the moral values. The festivals should be celebrated with such grace and charms do not spoil it with bad ideas and silly things. This is the main message of love and affection towards everybody of Holi.

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