Essay On Hobby

essay on hobby

Essay On Hobby – If you go through a dictionary, you would find the meaning of hobby as an activity which is done in the free time for enjoyment. It is since the late nineteenth century the attachment to hobby has increased. The workers now have more time to spend for themselves.

This is the reason, why people can indulge more time into something like hobby.With time some hobbies have become popular among the people and some have taken a backstage. The origin of hobby can be traced back to the 15th century.

Essay On Hobby

The identified hobbyists follow some activities that include –collecting, making, following art or participation. Hobby is mainly a solitary journey where the hobbyist just does it alone. However, there are some group activities which can be pursued with friends. 

There are many reasons for which people are encouraged to have a hobby from the childhood. It might seem that hobby is a teenagers’ thing which does not have any effect in the adult life. It might also seem that as people grow up the need to have a hobby dies down. However, this is not true.

You need to think of about it. Even in your adult year, you would need hobby. Accepted that life has become hectic and professional side of life demands a lot of time. It is also accepted that after a hectic day all people want to do is pop before the television and forget all about the day for a while.

However, as time passes by such a lifestyle would seem fruitless. True pursuing hobby at time seems difficult, but, you need to make time for it as having a goal and keep pursuing it is rewarding. Yet, reward is not the only goal of having a hobby. There are other benefits of pursuing this path.

Self Esteem – Essay On Hobby

There comes time when you may feel like you have lost your way in the maze of life’s journey. This is a natural state of mind. Moreover, you might feel that you are not happy with your current job or are not feeling content in the relationship you are in. Such state of mind can create psychological problem for you.

This is the reason, it helps to have an engagement. You would be beneficial to pursue a hobby which would take up your time and would allow you to feel refreshed. It is good for self-esteem. This is a way to feel good about life when nothing else is working out.

Meeting People

Well though hobbies are mostly solitary pursuits, there are hobbies like running or group reading which would allow you to meet new people. This is a great way to make new friends. Also, this is a great way to expand your social life as the more people you meet, the more you increase your network.

Relieving Stress

There are some hobbies that would simply give you a way of getting away from the day old stress. You would be able to put behind the bad meetings and the lost contract with the help of these hobbies. Such hobbies are good for health as they give you chance to get away from the stress of hectic life.

You Become Interesting

When you have a hobby, you have a lot to talk about. This makes you interesting. Be it traveling or reading or something else, hobbies give something other than daily life to talk about.

essay on hobby

It Creates Bonding

The best thing about hobby is the thread which connects you to other people. If you are a reader, you would naturally be able to connect with the other readers. The same thing goes for the stamp collectors or sports buffs as well. You would be able to find like minded people with a hobby. This is an easy way to make friendship.

Get Rid of Boredom

Of course you would not find any scientific evidence of this claim. But, it is true at some point. When you have a hobby, you have something to do with the time you have in hand. How long can one watch television? Or, how long can one live in isolation? If you attend a class after office or if you come home to your hobby, it would be a rewarding home coming.

It Enriches

As your hobby expands, you grow with it too. You get to learn new things and this enriches your perspective. The more information you gather, the deeper your perspective grows.

Types of Hobbies

There are many hobbies for you to pursue. You have the luxury to choose the hobby which makes you feel happy and alive. You can have multiple hobbies as well. It can be categorized as indoor hobby and outdoor hobby.

However, sometimes, it becomes hard to find the right hobby. When you are in confusion, you can always consult someone who is pursuing a hobby or you can explore the types of hobby which can help you lead an enriched life.

You can pursue an enrichment journey which would help you grow as a person. To make yourself enriched you can study a foreign language. Learning always makes people interesting and also helps them grow from within. Additionally, you can take up reading as your hobby.

This is a popular hobby which many people have got. Reading enriches you from within as you are able to gather knowledge and information. Some pursue writing or blogging as their hobbies. You can do this too if creating something out of nothing excites you. These are fulfilling hobbies which would eventually help you become more knowledgeable and interesting to talk to.

Physical activity is also a kind of hobby which many people pursue. Those who like to have fit body and active mind pursue these hobbies. Though it is important for everyone to follow a fitness regimen, still due to time constrain many don’t succeed in pursuing physical hobbies. You can indulge in walking or running. Horseback riding is another kind of hobby which you can pursue. Yoga, soccer or basketball everything fall under the list of physical hobbies.

Collecting is a famous type of hobby. In the past the term hobby brought to mind the picture of stamp collecting. In the modern time this hobby has taken a backseat. However, people still collect antique items or decors.

Outdoor hobbies are lot like the physical hobbies however, when it comes to outdoor hobby the activity takes place outside. Hiking, swimming are the outdoor hobbies which people pursue to keep themselves busy.

Cooking and knitting are also hobbies which fall under the domestic hobby section. Many follow these hobbies for enrichment and enjoyment.

Why Should One Have a Hobby

Well, there are various reasons for which one should take up a hobby. The best thing which can be said is when you take up a hobby, you have a personal time. This is the time which is yours only. No one can take it away from you. Pursuing this path, you grow. Pursuing this path, you become enriched.

Also, you become confident as you keep gaining information about a certain thing. In this life where people hardly have time to take a bite hobby has taken a back seat but. For the sake of personal growth it is important that you take a hobby outside your professional and personal life.

Hobbies can be taken as recreation as well. These are the entertaining part which helps people grow. You learn to do things fun way and that is the best thing about having a hobby. However, it is important to find the hobby which makes you happy. Don’t try to opt for something because someone else is pursuing it. If you really want to get maximum benefit of hobby, you need to find the path which would allow you to grow in life.

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