Essay on Health

Importance Of Health

Good health is considered to be the greatest gift of life. The sentence might sound overwhelming, however if we focus on the importance of good health, we will notice that good health in so many ways is directly or indirectly related to the success meter in our life. At every step of our life, good health plays a very important role.

Importance of Health

The saying ‘Health is Wealth‘ holds a very true meaning in the reality. It is simply not just a saying but throws light on the fact no matter how much wealth or money we acquire; if we are not healthy then all our wealth will go for a toss. Be it in your student life, professional life or personal life, a bad health can create turmoil at every step of our life.

As a student, having a good health will always allow us to concentrate on our studies and produce a good result in our examinations. It will give us the zeal to work hard and keep our mind sharp as well as active to grasp knowledge about any subject quickly.

Essay On Health

Good health in your professional life will allow in less absenteeism and high turnover, excellent work performance, a greater contribution to the organization and faster promotion. It will allow you to shine brightly towards your path of career.

When it comes to personal life, we seem to enjoy every bit of our life with the blessing of a good health. We enjoy the company of our family and friends, find joy in every small thing in life, spread happiness with our smile or even simply relish the food that we eat.

Factors Affecting Health

In reality, there prevail a numerous factors that affect the status of health in a person. Most of us on this planet are some way or the other suffering from some kind of illness. Therefore, here are some factors which affect human health, quite aloof of our knowledge.

  • Poor Lifestyle: One of the major reasons that take the top most place in this list of factors that affect health. Poor lifestyle not only affects our health physically but mentally as well. Poor lifestyle includes bad eating habit, excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking, late night parties and other such habits which if done on a regular basis can affect the mental as well as physical health.
  • Work pressure: We cannot deny the fact that work pressure in today’s technology driven world has increased to a large extent. Most of the time we spend our days sitting in front of the laptop or computer which gives us back, neck and shoulder pain. It also affects our eyesight largely. Therefore, consider taking breaks in between your work at least for 15 minutes to sooth your eyes.
  • Lack of Exercise: Believe us or not, working out everyday really helps in improving our health. Though most of the days we stay busy, manage to take out 30 minutes each day out of your busy life schedule to get rid of stress and boost your metabolism through the process of sweating.
  • Poor Diet: Not to mention, poor diet can actually take a toll on our physical health. It is perfectly fine to binge into guilt food once a while, however that should not push you away from having healthy diet plan for everyday life. Make sure to have all the important nutrients in your diet for a gamut of health benefits.

Good Health & Bad Health

Essay On Health

Some people might have a subtle confusion about good health and bad health. Well, honestly speaking none of us is blessed with a perfect health as most of us have some or the other problem. Good health means a body which is free of any mental or physical illness.

Bad health denotes some kind of ailment both physically and mentally and people with bad health are always burdened with some kind of a problem. Bad health generally encircles some major health problem that requires regular check up by the doctor.

Measures to Good Health

There are few simple yet important steps that one must take to maintain good health.

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Cut down on junk food and consider eating a balanced diet.
  • Exercise/Yoga on a regular basis to avoid giving rise to any health problem.
  • Drink minimum 7-8 glasses of water on a daily basis.
  • Get 7-8 hours sleep everyday to maintain a healthy working of the body.
  • Make sure to go for regular checkups to avoid any serious health problem.

About WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a functional agency of the United Nations who are involved in improving the international public health. It was founded on 7 April 1948 with headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. WHO is a segment of the United Nations Development Group.

The constitution of the World Health Organization was signed by 61 countries on 22 July 1946. The first meeting of the World Health Assembly was held on 24 July 1948. It organized the Office International d’hygiène publique and the League of Nations Health Organization. From the time WHO came into the scene, it worked like a master in the eradication of smallpox. Its present priorities include eradication of communicable diseases, in particular, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, malaria, and tuberculosis.

We can wrap up the blog on the note that health or good health as you may say, is one of the most important thing that a human being ought to have his/her life. A good health is the basic foundation based on which our success in life depends to a large extend.

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