Essay on Friends

Essay on friends

Essay on Friends

There is an old saying that a friend who stays with you in the times of need is your true friend; everyone needs a friend who one can confide in, who one can share their worries, happiness, dreams, goals with, whom one can live they success with. The essay on friends brings forth that a real and true friend is always by one’s side no matter what the situation is. They make one feel grounded, they point out one’s flaws and mistakes. In return, one’s friends expect a little appreciation and understanding. They don’t share blood with them but they become the most important part of one’s souls.

Friendship Essay

At times one’s friends seem like the craziest creatures on earth, but otherwise, they speak the most rational philosophies of life. This essay on friends depicts that how friends act like the mirror to one’s souls. They make huge contributions to one’s psychological and philosophical sanity; they give one the feeling of security against all odds of life. They give one the right to insult them without any reason. One can call them ugly and fat and do not have to fear that they might feel offended. This essay on friends brings light to the relationship that one share with one’s friend. One’s friend is the family beyond one’s home; they help one make big decisions in life by stating the pros and cons of the decisions.

Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

One can’t survive in the society all by themselves. Everyone needs a companion to live a happy and peaceful life. A human receives the kind of support and impartial understanding that he or she cannot get from his family. This essay on friends states that the truth of friendship is revealed when times of hardship come in the arena of life. A true friend does not leave us when we face issues in life; rather they stay with one and act as their support system. The ones who leave you in your hardship are not your friends but mere acquaintances. A true friend is an important asset who adds value to one’s life; they create a positive chasm into the cauldron of dismay. A friend that stays with you in need is the one you should keep forever.

My Best Friend Essay

People who don’t expect much from you in return are the ones you must keep company with. They are the ones that one must share one’s happiness and beliefs with. This essay on friends helps one to make a clear judgment on the kind of people one can befriend. A good friend is very rare to find in the world of malice and selfish greed. One may have loads of people who call themselves as one’s friend, but are they really their friend? Do they really relate to one’s pain, problems, and sufferings? A true friend comes to your rescue when you do not even call for his or her help, he or she do not act on selfish motives. He or she is always prepared to do anything for you to make you feel at peace. A friend, who chooses you over others, is the friend you should cherish.

Friendship Goals

The essay on friends state that friends are the ones on whom one pours out all their secrets, they listen to one’s deepest and dirtiest secret without judging them. They, unlike one’s family, do not set parameters of goodness that one has to live up to; they know one’s shortcomings and potentialities and motivate them to do better in future. They know all the secrets of one’s life but one does not fear that they may spill one’s secrets to others. They know about one’s first kiss, family issues, the dates, embarrassing moments and every aspect of their lives. One does not care about what one looks like in front of their friends. One does not have to look one’s best in front of their friends; one does not have to fake a feeling or an appearance to get accepted. Friends make one feel comfortable irrespective of their physical appearance and situation in life.

One should always appreciate one’s friends because they are the ones who make one feel wanted and loved. They are the ones who act like the guides, nurses, companions in our lives; they care for us and love us without wanting much in return.

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