Essay On Earthquake

Essay On Earthquake – An Earthquake, in general terms, can be defined as the shaking of earth due sudden release in lithosphere due to pressure which creates waves. These waves can be felt as a shake of tremor on the surface of earth. It is most dangerous disaster which can come anywhere anytime on the Earth’s surface.

Essay On Earthquake

When we even heard the name “Earthquake”, we can feel the tremor inside ourselves. This is one of those natural calamities which have the power to destroy everything.

Earthquake Meaning

Although, earthquake does not seems to have any importance but only a disastrous act of nature. But you can take out a benefit that it helps in minimizing the population somehow. Yeah! It is a very dangerous population control remedy but nothing else can be seen as an importance of this life threatening natural calamity.

If understood scientifically, the earthquake helps the earth to release the gases stored and replace the extra crust layer. It also identifies if any volcano is turned alive or slep forever.

Why Earthquake Occurs?

Earthquake occurs due to missing tune between the nature and the living beings. Let’s understand this in a scientific way. In the deep interiors of Earth’s crust, there is a constant production of heat. Due to heat, convection current produces. As the current rises, it causes fractures in Earth’s crust. Due to this the crust gets divided in various segments which move to and fro in their places. When they collide with each other, it causes pressure which ultimately results in the shake in Earth’s surface. This shaking is called Earthquake.

The deep down point inside the Earth, where the earthquake started is called Hypocenter and the surface point of Earth, just above the hypocenter, is called Epicenter.

essay on earthquake

How To Identify Occurrence Of Earthquake

It needs a hard study to identify beforehand the occurrence of earthquake. Technology has developed much and introduced so many advanced devices to identify the occurrence of earthquakes in advance. But still they cannot configure exactly the actual time of earthquake. No devices helped accurately.

There are two general approaches followed to identify earthquake in advance. First is total science based and the second is the traditional way which was used since ancient times.

In the scientific approach, the scientists pre-decide some specific points which are prone to earthquake happening & start studying deeply there.

But in the traditional way, they look for natural symptoms. First of all, they study the animal behavior. It is believed since ages that animal senses are much higher than that of human. They can sense any mis-happening well before time and start reacting. Also it is believed that some of the specific rocks start releasing gas before the occurrence of earthquake. These symptoms can help you be aware of any disaster only a few minutes beforehand. But it definitely alerts you anyways.

Zones/Places Prone to Earthquake

India comes under top 10 most earthquake vulnerable countries in the world. The whole world is divided into 5 seismic zones on the basis of intensity and vulnerability of earthquake. The most earthquakes prone country is Japan which is covered with large waken volcanoes. In this list India comes third after Japan and Nepal.

In India, the top 5 soft targets for earthquake are Guwahati, Srinagar, Delhi, Jamnagar and Patna. Other cities are not so safe although but still they are quite a relief for the citizens. The below mentioned picture marks the most prone cities of India for earthquake.

Measures To Control Earthquake

There is no possible way to prevent earthquake from happening. This is a natural process and out of the limits of human generation to control it anyhow. But yes, you can take personal measures to safeguard yourself while you are under the situation of earthquake:

  • Seek shelter: If you are facing an earthquake, the first thing you should do is to shelter yourself under any table or bed. This will help you to safeguard yourself from any falling debris.
  • Evacuation plan: If you are living in a prone area, always prepared with an evacuation plan during earthquake or any other disaster.
  • Always make a second exit while planning to build your home or office. This will help you a lot in any natural or man-made situation.
  • Do not try to touch the electric switches because this span of time release so much internal current which may result in short circuits or a huge fire disaster too.
  • Don’t panic. Stay calm. It will help you save you and others too.
  • If in a public place, please do not rush. This will make your exit more difficult.
  • Major earthquakes in the past

You would have witnessed many incidences of earthquake around the world. We have seen many cases of earthquake in the past. Here we are listing some major earthquakes which shook whole India for time being and they had the effects till date:

  • Gujarat: Who can ever forget that Republic day, 26th January 2001, when everyone is in the mood of celebrating Republic day functions at schools and offices? And suddenly the Earth shook badly ruining the high risers to taste the mud. It was recorded 7.7 magnitudes at Rector Scale. The damage was countless.
  • Latur: Way before Gujarat, on 30th September, 1993, Latur earthquake is the one non-forgettable. The deaths and injuries are still fresh in the minds.
  • Jabalpur: The small town of Madhya Pradesh got shook on the very mid night of 22th May 1997, when an earthquake of 5.8 magnitude struck the city. Although the deaths and injuries were very nominal but still the nightmares haunt.


It is always better to be prepared for any kind of emergency. When it comes to nature’s call, you dint get time to get prepared. So be alert every time. Don’t panic. Rather try to stay calm. Make yourself protected from any damage. Help others to be at safe places. These times need proper coordination and cooperation.

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