Essay On Earth Day – Date, Importance and History!

Essay On Earth Day – We celebrate various events throughout the year but forget to celebrate one important day which are more crucial than others. Earth day is one such special event which every person should celebrate once in a year to cherish this beautiful world around us.

Essay On Earth Day

22nd April is the day when we grace this occasion all over the world. On this day every citizen of the world makes an oath that they will do anything to save the Mother Nature from getting depleted.

In the year 1970, across 193 countries earth day was celebrated and later the entire world grace the occasion on 22nd April.  On this day people from all over the world should come together and create a harmony to make this world a better place in the coming future.

Importance of Earth Day

Saving mother earth from any kind of destruction is the primary purpose to celebrate earth day. We human beings unconsciously cause much destruction which will create a bad effect in the future. Conservation of resources and trying to implement ways to save the nature should be our motto throughout. Earth day has another significant reason behind it. Just like the way we celebrate our birthday parties in the same way we grace the occasion as a celebration for the birth of the planet earth in the Milky Way that is our solar system.

Earth Day Celebration?

essay on earth day

We all celebrate the day to save Mother Nature from all kinds of destruction.  It is our fundamental duty to do this so that our present existence and even the future remain safe and sound.  The day has been accepted globally by every country and something special gets planned on this occasion. The various environmentalists all over the world believe that a day should be dedicated completely to mother earth. The entire world belongs to the people and so it would be better if we celebrate the birthday of earth together and make it an eventful affair.

Essay On Earth Day – How Did Earth Day Came About?

The beginning of earth day has a very interesting story.  As said earlier that the first celebration took place on 22nd April in the year 1970.  The ideation of celebrating earth day came into the mind of a very popular newspaper publisher known as John McConnell.  He himself has initiated this idea and proposed it at UNESCO. From there onwards the celebration started all over the world. People started thinking about it and all over the world the day has been marked as a cause of celebration.

Essay On Earth Day – Earth Day in 2017

This year the day was celebrated as a gala event all over the world.  People celebrated in various ways to make a beautiful memory.  There were various environmental campaigns that got organized all over the world by various communities. Plantation of trees is an important activity that took place. Millions of trees were planted in order to rescue nature from depletion.

Pros and Cons Of Earth Day

Pros- The best part about earth day is that it celebrate an event which is indeed the most crucial one in our life.  Saving mother earth is our fundamental duty.

Cons- There cannot be a single day to conserve nature but one should do it every day but the saddest part is people forget.

What Activities Are Carried Out On Earth Day?

Some of the important activities that are done on this day are

  • Tree plantation
  • Saving resources like water and various other minerals
  • No to create any kind of pollution like air and noise
  • Clean your surroundings from every possible threat.

Essay On Earth Day – Interesting Facts About Earth Day

  • On earth day 2009 one of the most popular film production houses came up with a documentary known as earth.
  • The first celebration of earth day took place America and later started in various other countries.
  • Every year on this day children from different parts of the world gather together and try to conserve nature.

Our existence depends on how we keep our mother nature. Save resources and keep your surroundings clean and green.

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