Essay on Discipline

Essay on Discipline

Meaning of Discipline

Discipline is the most important part of human life. We live on this earth, and when a child is born he carries with himself the discipline, the journey of nine months then birth on time, the whole nature is bound with discipline how can human affected with that, this is impossible. Discipline is the practice or the understanding of rules and regulation which are important for our balanced life. Discipline is the way which teaches us how to live in right way, what is wrong and what is the right way for us. Discipline has influenced our life with very deep touch and our daily routine of life is disciplined whether we are attentive for that or not but we all are bounded with Discipline and it is important for everybody for better and a happy life.

discipline in life

Importance of Discipline
Every work, every job and every success demand for Discipline, whether in student life, college life and whether you are an employee or the boss, old or young, simple girl or housewife you have to follow the discipline, you have to obey the moral values to living in society. Why Discipline is important we can know this through further points:

  • Discipline makes you much focused on your goals and targets in life which are important for your success.
  • If you obey all rules and regulations and moral values then you become a respected person in a society which is good for your image.
  • Discipline forces you to do work on time like eating, sleeping and reading and studying so if you do every work on time it keeps you more healthy and fit.
  • People with self Discipline are the most adorable people because they have also control on themselves and can’t do any wrong things with ease.  
  • Discipline is important for students to make them more attentive and aware of their study and syllabus and perform better in the class room.  


Why is Discipline required?
The word Discipline made of the word “Disciple” which means the person who wants to learn and will follow the rules. So the beginning of Discipline starts with early age with children and students. Why Discipline is required and what is the role in our life, this we can understand by some points:

  • For a balanced life, we need Discipline.
  • Discipline makes the student more intellectual and wise.
  • One can focus on own goal with Discipline.
  • Discipline connected with a punctuality which is an important aspect for success.
  • If somebody has more Discipline in life then he/she remains stress-free.
  • Discipline brings relaxation and peace of mind because when you follow all the rules and become obedient then you need not worry about anything.

Value of Discipline in our life
Discipline is important and valuable not only for one person or individual but also for everybody, it does not matter the age or gender but it is the matter of moral values and obey the rules which are necessary for life. Discipline is not the phenomena of modern time but from ancient time the king and emperors had given much value to Discipline, especially in Gurukuls. Discipline was the key of awareness and success for every disciple, and being followed by every student.

Discipline in Society:
Society is the name of groups of people living together, and if they won’t follow the Discipline how can they live in such harmony and in peace if they won’t follow the rules and regulation of society.

Discipline in Army:
Soldiers are protector of our life and they use to follow the Discipline from their training days, and it is only the Discipline which inspires them and raises unity amongst them.

Discipline in family:
Family is the teacher for children; they will learn what they will see, so Discipline has more value in family.

Discipline in Law& Order:
Law and order are also bound by rules and regulations of discipline whether the police, the judge, the ministers or any other administration every aspect of the law is connected with Discipline.   

Importance of Discipline in student lifeDiscipline in Student LifeStudents are the future of the nation. Discipline is the most prominent and dominant part of student life. Discipline is a vital necessity of children. It seems that boys have less Discipline than girls in schools and home. You can understand this by an example: your teacher still doesn’t come in classroom and you are making so much noise and distraction in class so this thing is not good for your image but on another side you wait for your teacher and sit quietly then you are in discipline which is the sign of good student. So it is also the duty of parents with a teacher that they should teach their children about discipline.

  • Student life is very demanding in today’s arena, and Discipline is the key to focus on the study.
  • Sleeping on time, awakening on time, eating on time and studying on time; this is the name of Discipline in student life.
  • Teenage is the age of lots of distractions so if any Discipline is determined with rules then he/she can’t distract easily.  
  • Education is important for earning and stable future, if there is a lack of Discipline then a student can’t achieve both of this.
  • If a student follows all the rules and regulation then he becomes a good native for a lifetime.

Importance of Discipline – for an employee, in business, and in politics
As you can see that Discipline has affected all the area of world then how can be your work life and business lie won’t be affected with this.

Discipline for Employees:
Employees and workers are important for any company or organization. So they must work with Discipline, like must follow the rules of their company, should come on time and work with efficiency, Discipline connect them with punctuality which is compulsory for every employee.

Discipline in Business:
If we talk about Discipline in profession then it will apply to boss and employees both. Successful business demands for hard work and struggle and attention of workers and managers, which is lead by Discipline and punctuality

Discipline in politics:
Politics is the base of every nation, and Discipline in politics and in the politician is very important like taking decisions of time by the ministers and apply them on time and work in Discipline and inspire others and present examples in front of public about Discipline.

Discipline in Meeting:Discipline in Meeting Discipline is the major factor for any company and the success and name and fame of any company or business depend on worker’s Discipline, as much they work in Discipline and with punctuality, they will surely get the positive results soon. Discipline makes the peaceful and relaxed environment for the meeting. When you follow the rules and make other people follow the same then you feel more confident and proud of yourself. Discipline in a meeting is necessary for your image which is important in working area. Discipline teaches you the manners like how to talk with sensibility and politely in meeting and in front of your bosses.


Discipline is compulsory and important basic need for everybody for peaceful and balanced of life. Our nature follows the discipline like the sun rises on time and goes down on time, then night and moon comes and so on. Every animal and birds are in Discipline and nobody has taught them about that, Discipline is our very nature we can’t live without that because we all are part of this nature and society, so it is duty of all of us that we must teach our children about Discipline, how to follow the duties and moral values, how to respect principles and the right way. Parents and family come first as a teacher after that schools and colleges come. Do not forget that those who saw will cut the same one day.

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