Essay On Cow

essay on cow

Essay on Cow – Animals played a key role in the growth of human civilization since the man’s inception towards modern world. In the beginning various animals like Dog, Ass, Cow, Buffalo, Sheep, Horse etc were domesticated by humans.

They were used as a draft animals, source of milk,meat and skin. Among all the animals Cow had its own significance in fulfilling man’s needs. During Vedic times the wealth of a person is calculated in terms of cattle that he owns, this fact alone implies the importance of Cow in olden days.

They hadn’t lost their importance even to till date because of the great nutritional food they contribute to human food. Cows were regarded to be the most holiest animals and are worshipped in Hindu dominated countries like India and Nepal. India ranks first in Cattle wealth across the globe.

Essay On Cow

Cows belong to the species of Bos taurus and subfamily Bovinae. They were said to be first domesticated in South Eastern part of Turkey around 10,500 years ago. It is estimated that there are 1.6 billion cattle as of date.

Cow’s Role In Our Daily Life

Cows bear a vital importance to man’s diet and health. They are the sources of every dairy product that we consume today. The following are some of the benefits of cows

  1. They are used as draft animals in agricultural fields and even to this day this practice is existing.
  2. Their dung is used as manure in agriculture fields, which is proven scientifically that it could enrich the fertility of the soil.
  3. Cow’s urine got many medicinal properties and considered as the holy water by Hindus. This urine is used in preparing various Ayurvedic medicines.
  4. They are the source of production for numerous dairy products like Milk, Ghee, Paneer etc.
  5. Cow is a holy animal to many Hindus and strongly believes that worshipping Cow can offset all their miseries.
  6. Cows meat is an important source of protein to human’s diet.
  7. Their hides are used as leather in making various consumer products like Shoes, Handbags, Purses etc.

Cow Treated as Gau Mata According to Hindu Mythology

essay on cow

Cow is a sacred animal in Hindu religion, it is considered as Matha according to HIndu Mythology because it feeds it’s calf of her own milk ( Similar to a female who feeds her baby with her milk). Cow statues can be found in many temples across India, where they are worshipped alongside with the principal deities of respective temples.

Every Hindu temple runs a Gaushala where cows are fed taken care, and their milk is used in performing abhishekam to gods and preparing prasadam. On special occasions like Gopastami festival, Cows were decorated, garlanded and will be offered various dishes. They will be the first things to step into a new house during House Warming, this is practiced in belief that they could nullify the negative energy in a newly constructed house.

Cow Breeds in India

There are various cow breeds in India, their physical traits mainly varies because of the environment they live in and the food they consume. Majority of the good cow breeds are restricted to dry areas like Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. Some of the cow breeds that are found in India are

  1. Ongole– They are the natives of Andhra Pradesh District and mostly used as draft animals.
  2. Malvi– They can be found in the state of Madhya Pradesh.
  3. Gir– These cows are dominant in Gujarat state. Their milk yield ranges between 12,00 to 16,00 kg.
  4. Siri– These are higher altitudinal cows which can survive in rugged mountains. They are found in the Darjeeling, West Bengal.
  5. Nagauri– They are mostly used for transporting found in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan.
  6. Rathi– This breed is dominant in the Alwar district of Rajasthan.
  7. Deoni– This high milk-yielding breed is found in Western Andhra Pradesh.
  8. Kankrej– This breed yields 14,00 kg milk per lactation and found in the Kutch region of Gujarat.

Best Indian Cow Breeds for Milk

Some of the finest milk yielding cow breeds are located in India. There are many cows in India which are exclusively raised for milk production rather than for meat production. The following are some of the famous foreign originated cow breeds presently being raised in India, which are known for their high milk yield

  1. Holstein– They can produce nearly 3,000 kg of milk annually.
  2. Norwegian Red– This breed traces its origin to Norway and known for their high milk yielding capacity.
  3. Brown Swiss– Apart from producing 9,000 kg Milk annually, its milk is mostly utilized in preparing Cheese.
  4. Angeln Cattle– This cattle originally belongs to Schleswig-Holstein region. Its milk is rich in high fat content.
  5. Milking Shorthorn– This breed yields 7,000 kg milk yearly.
  6. Ayrshire Cattle– This breed native region is Scotland, U.K. They can be easily raised without any hassle and are so robust.


Mother cow is in many ways better than the mother who gave us our birth” these words by Mahatma Gandhi hold truth to a certain extent. The raison d’etre for this philosophy is cows are considered to be serving man’s needs unselfishly even after its death. Many great Indians like Madan Mohan Malviya, Gyani Zail Singh, Dr.Rajendra Prasad etc had advocated for the protection of cows.

However in recent days owing to great demand for meat in the market, the rate of cow slaughters surged. This cannot be altered since the livelihood of many people rests alone on this activity. However some extremists are killing scores of people in the name of “Cow Protection” or “Gau Bhakti”.

They should give up this narrow attitude of theirs for the well being of his fellow citizens. Few people should also stop misleading the people to commit such cruel crimes for their own political gains. Cow is both a sacred animal and economic asset to people, everyone needs to accept it and respect others opinions.

Even some dairy farms are injecting cows with some prohibited hormonal medicine in order to enhance the milk productivity. This may bring them hefty returns but it inflicts them with inexpressible pain and also severely affects human’s health. This cruel act also needs to barred from practising and government should take severe measures against them.

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