Essay On Corruption

Essay On Corruption – There is nothing in this world that is free from corruption. It may sound very unrealistic but the truth is always bitter. Everything and every person around us are corrupted or slowly getting into it. Corruption has been a menacing problem in every country.

Money corruption is the biggest issue around the world. There is an intense greed for money among every person and slowly it leads to corruption.

Essay On Corruption

The practice of corruption is always done by people belonging to particular strata of the society.  All over the world there are millions and millions of money laundering cases which has been found without giving any justice. It is true that the contemporary world only runs on corruption.  Starting from a millionaire to a train ticket collector everyone is corrupted for the sake of extra money.

One may say that it is inhuman and beyond our work ethics but still one can’t get away from the lust for money.

Importance – Essay On Corruption

Black money is the significant cause behind corruption. All over the world people have got a huge amount of illegal assets which are mostly black money. The birth of corruption is somehow unknown to people.  With time people have started finding ways which are illegal yet gives a quick profit. The day people realized it, corruption was born in the world.  From a worker to money god every person who deals with money is corrupted and there is no doubt in it.

essay on corruption

Causes, Sources And Effects of Corruption

The main cause behind corruption is the greed for money that people have.  Be it a small co-worker or a big industrialist everyone demands more and slowly the asset becomes black with no proper account.

There is no such proper source for black money but it is spread across a huge area. The entire world is filled with people who are corrupted in different ways.  The corruption die to money can also lead to various other activities like murder and attacks. The world has seen some unbelievable attacks in the recent time which has killed many. Yet there is no such proper source of corruption.  The source seems to be invisible.

There are some major effects of corruption like the rich are getting richer but the poor people are left with nothing. Due to this thing are getting unstable and the general mass are suffering the most. There are certain institutions where one has to bribe the other person to get work done. In a conclusion it can be said that the world is turning out to be a horrendous place.

Countries With High Corruption

This entire world is corrupted no matter where you go. But there are some countries which have been ranked as the most corrupted nations of the world.

  • Somalia
  • Yemen
  • Sudan
  • Libya
  • Afghanistan

Why corruption?

As said earlier that there is no exact cause for corruption.  It can happen from anywhere and it’s hard to find the source.  All the institutions in various countries like schools, hospitals and sports academies are involved in some kind of monetary corruption which affects the ordinary citizens of the country.

They charge a huge amount of money from the people which are not at all acceptable. Educational institutions have transformed themselves into a business ground where they only squeeze money from the people. This leads to corruption in the society.

How To Eradicate Corruption?

It’s very difficult to get away with corruption.  People who are about to discard corruption are themselves corrupted in the work.  Yet the government is trying to find various kinds of solution which will help to get away with this issue.

The first step is to get away with black money.  This is the source behind every type of corruption.  The government should find way to curb black money in the best possible way.

With time our society is getting transformed into a vulnerable world.  People are getting involved into various kinds of activities which are absolutely unacceptable. Corruption needs to be discarded in whatever way it can be otherwise future is not safe for mankind.

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