Essay On Cleanliness

essay on cleanliness

Essay On Cleanliness  – Cleanliness can be defined in simple terms as “ Keeping oneself and one’s surroundings nice and tidy free from all the dust and pollution ”. A person needs to pay a great attention towards the cleanliness in his surroundings, because that will indirectly impact his health.

Human beings since from their childhood are advised to stay away from harmful pollutants and to keep their surroundings neat. This was done, since dirty environment would enhance the growth of bacteria and germs, which will eventually deteriorate human’s health condition.

Essay on Cleanliness

Cleanliness should not be given importance occasionally, we should ensure our personal cleanliness, Surroundings cleanliness, Environmental cleanliness etc at all times. This should be followed for the greater benefit of our own selves and other people in the society.

Importance of Cleanliness of life

Ancient Hindu scripture entails the importance of cleanliness in the following words “One who maintains cleanliness keeps away diseases ”. These words clearly signifies the vitality of being clean at all times.

By doing so we not only averse the risk of falling sick, but a clean environment will also act as a stimuli to our heart and soul. This in turn will aid us to stay energised throughout the day working without any difficulties. By ensuring cleanliness of our own self we not only protect ourselves but also our near and dear ones.

If we look so dirty then we will be isolated by our fellow beings out of fear, that they might also get infected with some communicable disease. Once we fall sick, it will be a burden to our family. Since it is avoidable to stay away from diseases by developing a simple habit of staying clean, we should follow it at any cost.

essay on cleanliness

It is equally important that we keep our surroundings clean too. This will ensure the environment to be conducive to live and work for humans. If our environment gets polluted due humans negligence, we have to pay a heavy price for that in future. For example if we continue to throw dirt and release industrial waste into rivers, then eventually rivers will lose the capacity to support crop in the agricultural field and becomes unfit for humans needs.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

“Cleanliness is next to godliness ” this is a famous proverb given by Mahatma Gandhi. He was inspired by these words while referring the ancient Babylonian and Hebrew religious tracts. He firmly believed in those words and urged to do the same to his followers.

According to him a person who stays clean will attract the people around and there will be good prospects for him in his future. This would in turn will help to build a good reputation among his community.

On the other hand a person who gives least importance and neglects his cleanliness, surely he will find it difficult to get along with the rest of the people in the society. Moreover a clean environment is believed to cure one’s soul, body and help him to stay focussed towards his goal.

What you need to do to Stay clean

It would be a difficult task to anyone to follow certain measures in their hectic schedule, to stay clean. However it was recommended to follow for his own benefit. The following are some of the tips to stay clean.

All of these may pose as simple tasks but many people will neglect to follow them and pay a heavy price in future

  1. One needs to daily brush his teeth and take bath. This needs to be done as soon as you get up from your bed.
  2. One needs to  change his clothes and socks every day.
  3. It is essential that one needs to clean his/her home daily.
  4. All the rotten vegetables, fruits and other food material should be thrown into garbage immediately.
  5. Parents should take care that their children always wash hands before consuming any food.
  6. One needs to ensure that not only his own house but his environment is also neat and clean. If there are any piles of open garbage is spotted on roads, he/she immediately needs to inform to concerned authorities to clean it up.
  7. One should regularly check that their water storage facilities on rooftop are free from any sort of fungus or bacteria.
  8. We should never spit pan or saliva in public places. Also we should never smoke in public.

Cleanliness for Students and Kids

Students and kids needs to imparted about the importance of cleanliness in their life since childhood. Such a practice will inculcate them with the habit of staying clean and keeping their surroundings clean.

On a whole this will aid them to lead a happy and better future without being prone to any sort of diseases.

Cleanliness in Hospitals, Schools and Offices

We should never make a distinction between our own property and public property. We should treat even common property such as Bus-stops, Parks, Hospitals, Offices, Schools etc as our own and we should put in our best efforts in keeping them clean.

Always we need to think of larger good than being narrowed down to our own self needs. Ensuring cleanliness at all places will ensure the health of all citizens and good health will ultimately results in better country and economy.

Cleanliness – Swachh Bharat Mission

Swachh Bharat Mission is an ambitious programme launched by Indian government in 2014 under the prime ministership of Narendra Modi. This programme envisioned a clean India where all the places will be free from dust and garbage.

The main aim of this programme is to strictly control the practice of open defecation, a prominent feature in rural areas even today. In order to prohibit that practice Indian government constructed many public toilets across India.

In addition to that local bodies are strictly enforcing the pollution control measures and laws in the city in order to make cities as clean as possible. This programme received a tremendous response from the public and hoped to sustain for longer period of time.

The initial vigour should not be faded till the ultimate objective is realised.


“Cleanliness and order are not matters of Instinct; they are matters of education and like most great things you must cultivate a taste for them”- Benjamin Disraeli, we need to turn these words into action for our own good.

On a whole cleanliness is the best panacea to majority of the problems that a man faces in his life.

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