“Balli Sastram” – Effects of Lizard (Balli) Falling on Men And Women

Balli sastram

Balli Sastram – India is well – known for its blind or superstitious beliefs. There are several superstitious beliefs in Indian culture that are followed by many people since ancient times such as getting hiccups is connected to someone is memorizing you, looking at cat when you wake up in the morning then your day will not be a happy day, if three people go together to make a deal then it fails and so many in the list, falling of lizard (balli) is one among them. It is Well explained in Balli Sastram.

Balli Sastram – Lizard Falling

I am not sure whether falling of lizard/balli/chipkali(in hindi) on men and women will lead to positive results or negative results, but by giving respect to the ancient traditions and beliefs I am mentioning the below details which are based on “Balli Sastram

According to Balli Sastram, the following are some effects will take place if a lizard or balli falls on men and women.

Effects of Lizard Falling on Body Parts of Men And Women

Effects of Lizard falling on face

Positive Effects of Lizard Falling on Men:                         

Lizard falling on Men

Positive Effects/Results For Men

Lizard Falling on Face You will be freed from financial troubles and see Monetary profits
Left eye Good things happen to you
Left ear You get more income and more gains
Lower lip Earning potential will increase leading to more profits
Left shoulder blade You will see victories
Lizard Falling on Foot Indicating to get ready to travel

Balli Sastram - Effects of Lizard Falling on Men

Negative Effects of Lizard Falling on Men:

Balli Sastram - Negative Effects of Lizard Falling on Men

Lizard Falling on Men

Negative Effects/Results For Men

Lizard Falling on Top of head Death will chase you
Right eye Whatever work you did will go into vain and your future works will fail
Lizard Falling on Forehead You will be interfering in others problems unknowingly and also get separated
Right cheek Sadness
Upper lip Troubles and fighting
Both lips Death occurs
Right shoulder blade Fear from superiors or top management
Wrist Fascinations & Decorations
Elbow Loss of money
Lizard Falling on Fingers Sudden visit of relatives or friends
Right arm Problems and troubles
Left arm Insulted in front of many people
Lizard Falling on Thighs Clothes or costumes will be damaged
Moustache Start facing problems
Feet fingers  Health issues

Effects of Lizard Falling on Women

Positive Effects of Lizard Falling on Women

Balli Sastram - Effects of Lizard Falling on Women

Lizard Falling on Women

Positive Effects/Results For Women

Left eye You will be loved from your relatives/friends/closed ones/husband
Lizard Falling on Breast Good things happen
Right ear Earning potential increases and get more profits
Lower lip New items or things will reach you
Lizard Falling on Right Hand of Women Profits
Fingers or Shoulders Either you will buy an ornament or be gifted
Knee fans/followers/new bonds will evolve
Right leg Your enemies will collapse or you will get relief from them
Lizard Falling on Thighs Sex, physical pleasure
Feet fingers Give birth to a boy
Nose Good luck
Pregnant woman’s womb She will be having a great and fortunate son

 Negative Effects of Lizard Falling on Woman:

Lizard falling on Women

Negative Effects/Results For Women

Lizard Falling on Head Fear of death
Tuft Fear of diseases
Right eye Depressions and unnecessary tensions
Upper lip Rise in enmity
Both lips You will be in troubles and face lot of problems
Back part You will hear death news
Nails Small issues and irritations
Lizard Falling on Left hand of Woman Mental stress and unnecessary pressures
Private parts Immense sorrow

                          Balli Sastram - Lizard Falling on Women

  • If a lizard moves from head to down, it is signalling that you will face difficulties ahead.
  • If a lizard moves from bottom to top and again comes down then it is a good sign.

Balli Sastra – Remedies For Lizard Fall

Balli Sastram For Ladies and Gents & Remedies For It:

  • According to old people sayings in Hindu traditions, when a lizard falls on either men or women should take bath immediately and then light a lamp to the God and memorize mrityunjaya mantra:

Mrityunjaya Mantra

“Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pusstti-Vardhanam

Urvaarukam-Iva Bandhanaan  Mrtyor-Mukssiiya Maa-[A]mrtaat || ”

  • It is also believed that by touching the feet of the people who visited and touched the golden lizard, silver lizard, the sun and the moon images on the roof, you will be protected from the negative effects raised due to the falling of the lizard in the past or in the future.

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