Education system in India Essay

Education System in INDIA

Education is a very important aspect of human life, education makes a person literate, and aware, education gives strength to man to fight with dark, and struggle, and wrong values. According to Indian constitution, “Education is the right to every man and women”, and nobody have to right to snatch this from anybody. Education System in India getting better in the due course on the whole, but there are villages which still struggle to attain primary education.

History of Indian Education System

In ancient time, India was the famous study center and attraction for students, who want to study, in different topics, who want to learn with deep dedication, students or Shishya (pupil) come from far countries or places, for study under experienced Guru or teacher. Shiksha or Education was originated with Gurukuls or you can call a university. In India Education has started before 5000 BC, that time it was called Vedic Period, which means to our 4 Veda, which are basically in Sanskrit language.  Students used to learn from Vedas, about Indian culture, traditions, sanskar methods, and how to do self control and awareness.

Education was free for everybody. The common and princely students study and live together in Gurukuls. There were no discrimination, but girls and boys have separate study centers. There was perfect balance, the student was graded with talents and wisdom not by his background or any politics can enter in Ashram or Gurukuls. The most famous education centers were “Takshshila”,” The Heritage of Kanva”, and also the very famous “Nalanda”. These are considers as famous study centers of ancient India time. There is hundreds of course available for students; they can choose it according to their interest and as future plans.

Indian Education System Advantages Disadvantages

Education has so much affected the human life, from old time and since is affecting, there are positive and negative both impacts are:

Positive impact of Education system in India

  1. Education makes people aware for their rights and duties.
  2. Education breaks old rituals which was dangerous for all.
  3. Women education gives the right to being independent and strong.
  4. Education makes the way for earning also.

Negative Impact Education system in India

  1. Sometimes bribe and in the name of donation lots of money have been taken by school and colleges.
  2. A student who can’t afford for expensive schools or service are suffers lot.
  3. In rural areas still have no schools and teachers.

Resource availability for Education

Every child has the right of Education. In cities it is easy to have school, college and university, several of schools available, you have to just select the right one for your child, but in Rural Areas in is like a dream for children to gain proper Education, and not even primary education is available there. Rural areas considered as, the areas with less population, no modern service and transportation or other facilities provided there. So now the question arises that, how come rural areas have the resource for proper education:

  • Human Resources

Teaching staff, administration staff can be included in Human resources. Teacher himself is the resource for those students, who wants to study, especially in rural areas where a lack of good teachers. Government should provide this kind of facility. Teachers who are selected for rural areas must be trained in such a way that they take care of students in every possible way to make him a proud citizen of tomorrow.

  • Financial Resources

Rural areas biggest issue is poverty and it is like a barrier for Education. There are many schemes and programs launched by government to improve rate of literacy in rural areas, but because of some corrupted ministers, few states are not registering minimal education. What is the use of sanctioning huge amounts of money by Governments for these schemes when they are not properly utilized for those who deserve.

  • Technology

In India, while the whole nation is heading towards pride campaign, “Digital India”, there are many rural ares with no electricity till date. Technology can also help for rural area’s students to connect with modern study, and new technology. Internet is the way through which a student can learn and become educated. Like Distance Education is one of them.

Modern Education System In India

  1. Private and convent school are preferred by parents, they are quite expensive, which can’t afford by any one.
  2. Government school or colleges have no such facilities or advance technology for students; it is a loophole for education.
  3. Corruption is also the main reason, at the name of donation so much money being taken by school or college.
  4. There are no roads in some of rural areas; students can’t even reach to the school.
  5. Lack of awareness of common people and government.

How Education system in India differs from Western Education

It is difficult to say which system is better, and which have no benefits. Indian and Western both are well managed and emphasize on study, but certainly there is many difference:

  • In western country, the teacher must hold the certificate with license to teach, whether in India, one can teach after graduation, or after 12th to elementary classes.
  •  In western it is a rule that 20 to 30 students will be one class, In India more than 50.
  • Teachers have to such respectable in Western country, like in India.
  • Western culture believes in practical Education rather than theoretical, but In India, main emphasize on completing syllabus.
  • Western rural areas are well developed rather than India’s rural areas.


Hence we can say that ancient Indian study was far better and traditional, as well as we are developing and growing our Educational system going backwards. So much loads on children of books, homework, and other competitions. Education system need an improvement, it is not only the responsibility of government, but also for all society. A child is the maker of nation, and education is the essential and priority for every child, it is the right of every child. When everybody contributes for that, then surely we can more improve this.

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